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The Kiasu TAG is a smart label attachable to clothes that helps parents to prevent their children from getting lost (www.kiasu.com).

This device when integrated into the clothes is totally unnoticeable to the child and it uses a Bluetooth connection with the parent’

If you happen to survive a plane crash into the sea, or perhaps a jump from a cruise ship into the ocean, then you are faced with two very real problems.

Hand washing brushes are used in any household to scrape away dirt and blemishes on the surfaces of clothes, generally after applying liquid detergent/soap cake on the clothes. By incorporating a liquid detergent dispenser onto a hand washing brush, the task of scraping dirt/blemishes is greatly reduced ( Ref.

The concept applies illuminating space and users by transmission and simulation the sunlight in designed seating.

The main motivation for the design is to supply natural light, its specific emotions as well as the life-giving function in the environment where humans often absent it.

Hi! Everyone has seen the MagSafe cable for MacBook? With this cable you charge your notebook using the magetic end. Very convenient, with just a touch you can pull out the cable and the laptop will remain in place.

But in 2015, Apple released their new MacBook 12’,

The Manual Charger is designed to recharge the cell phone when there is no electric connector available, especially when people are having outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking.

The working principle of this manual charger is simple.

Drone – the assistant in agriculture.

This drone can sow grain and spray fertilizers. The lower part of the design is made of stretchy and solid material „META SKIN“.

At the loading location drone's lower part is filled up with the necessary substances.

Hi, I’m Jon, the inventor of mifold, the Grab-and-Go Booster Seat.  When my four children were small we lived in America. Our children were being driven everywhere by other people as well as ourselves.

The threat from active shooters is on the rise. How do you stop them? We have a solution that will save lives. Our new Templar Rapid Response System is effective and affordable. Today, many places add video cameras and access control.

The idea of building a modular construction system came to me when I saw various news channels stating many tragedies had been produced following the collapse of buildings due to occurrence of natural phenomena such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, storms and so on.

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