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The act of carrying heavy things in the home; whether furniture, groceries, trash or 5 gallon water containers, is universal. Often forcing families and individuals to make special arrangements to deal with the logistics of this issue, including leaving such tasks to the more fit individuals of the family, getting outside help or avoiding it altogether.

Carrying heavy objects around the home often exposes individuals to muscular and skeletal injuries, which according to the NSC, makes the home the 3rd most common place for bodily injuries after car accidents and work related injuries.

The MYO is a body correction/exo shirt that uses a graphinated rubber layer to simulate the way organic muscle works in order to help people in ...

This mobile application alarms the user when an earthquake is happening in real time. In that way, the user has knowledge of an earthquake even if he is sleeping. Also, many scientists agree that before a massive earthquake some minor occur. This application can inform the user of a similar situation.

This innovative application is an easy, free, safety and emergency notifying tool that can possibly save human lives. It is also a great tool for demonstrating or educating on earthquakes. This way a user can get a sense of a motion required for different levels of an earthquake.

The application translates the readings from the device's internal motion sensors into meaningful and readable information, that the user can ...

The population of planet Earth stands at 7.4 billion and is projected to break the nine billion mark by 2040. As concerns about the dwindling resources on our planet continue to escalate, it has become clear that we will need to develop ways in the near future to produce more energy, food and water with less resources.

One such solution to this problem which is undergoing heavy research right now is nanotechnology. Essentially the creation and utilization of ultra-small particles, nanotechnology can have a wide range of applications – including in agriculture and the food production industry.

Applying Nanotechnology to Agriculture:
A key area of world industry is agriculture and farming. At present, many natural resources (such as land, ...

NanoWasher - Mini Portable Dish Washer

Today with the high price of land and the growing population houses are being made smaller and more practical, but as in the bigger households, we never can rid of one of the most daily activities and probably heavier and hated, washing dishes, an activity that is often easier in larger households because they have large automatic dish washers that cannot be used in smaller households. NanoWasher is the solution to this problem, providing a compact semiautomatic solution, portable, cheaper and easy to use, ideal for any home.

Just connect it to light and an inlet and outlet water, fill the container with soap, turn on, select your options and its going to be ...

Spontaneous, rushed, versatile,and impatient are all characteristics that we are starting to notice about newer generations. As we are moving more towards virtualization and automation, people want to be more mobile and less confined by the products or services they possess. The application presented here utilizes current technologies, data and software to provide, in near-real time, information about congregation and peoples' movements. Recently, Google launched its "Popular Times" feature for restaurants and lounges, however in its current implementation; it is not in real time and is based on historic data.

The application will leverage the "OpenSourceMaps" to return the X/Y coordinates for the selected location. The information will be sent to a database or back-end (Google, Inrix, etc...) to ...

We propose a non-contact tire pressure reader using a smartphone, based on our patent of visible light to camera communication (US 8,971,715). The information is coded in the LED blinking light emission. This coded LED light is captured by the video camera of a smart phone and the embedded information can be interpreted by the decoder of a phone application. Due to the low cost of LED parts and the fact that all smart phones possess video camera without exception, this LED-camera interface is very convenient, simple, and effective.

The product is a small pressure sensor for tires, built with a tiny MCU with low cost and ultra-low power consumption, such as the Silicon Labs EFM8 Sleepy Bee ...

Navigation of things (NoT)
The foundation of the whole system are G modules which contain subsystems like GSM, WiFi, ethernet. The satellite navigation subsystem (GPS) is the primary source of information about the location of the G2 module, which is sent to other subsystems.
1. Each device containing a G module communicates via GSM or WiFi or Ethernet with other devices or the Home Computer (a kind of information exchange centre) on the assumption that every telegram (including location data and commands or information about the execution of the command) must be confirmed by a return telegram on acceptance or execution.
2. Each family or group member having a G module is able to issue commands to subject devices or the Home ...

Oil Jeev-A-1, Smart Engine Oil Tester

Oil is a very important component of any automobile engine. The main function of these lubricants is to reduce wear on moving parts; they also clean, inhibit corrosion, improve sealing, and cool the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts. Regular oil changes are required because the oil that lubricates and helps to cool the engine has a limited useful life. If it becomes too contaminated with dirt and metal shavings, it will wear down the vehicle's internal engine parts. Oil viscosity changes with use and it can become too thick or thin, with the unpleasant result that it can't properly keep your engine's parts from grinding against one another.

Automobile manufacturers ...

Explore the local community and discover hidden gems through OpenSpaces, an application that displays public resources and community events. Using the Google Maps API, OpenSpaces gives people the ability to locate nearby parks, libraries, and hospitals, and check out nearby events. Traversing a new place is significantly easier and more accessible with OpenSpaces providing a versatile guide to promptly display much-needed public amenities while out and about.

The OpenSpaces platform is minimalistic, quick, and easy to use: users decide which public resources and events to display, and the associated icons are shown on the map for a user-selected radius, with a default radius of five miles. Clicking on a specific icon brings up the name, or title, and ...

For a long time people have been trying to build a device for flying like a bird - an ornithopter. The ornithopter is a machine designed to achieve flight by means of flapping wings. The special attention was on that kind of machine able to achieve a sustained flight driven by manual power.

However, designers are attempting to find resolution of the problem of insufficient muscle power, by improving aerodynamic characteristic of designed devices. It is impossible to find a solution that way. I solved that problem by improving mechanical efficiency of the wing drive. In experiments it was shown that enhancing of mechanical efficiency could lowered energy consuming more than 75%.

I believe that improvement opens the opportunity to ...

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