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Nowadays to operate household objects like fans, air conditioners, TVs, lights, etc., we need to switch it ON/OFF by pressing those respective switches. Due to busy schedule we may not have time to switch the home appliances,

The HarpArm™ is a magnetic harmonica holder that can be attached to all standard
microphone stands and boom stands that allows individuals with physical impairments related to holding items with their hands to play the harmonica and enjoy the benefits of playing music. The HarpArm™

In response to the failure of football helmets to protect and their dangerous qualities of inflicting hard hits ...we designed Hercules Helmet for Football.

The separate force absorbing cells are suspended in a frame that allows them to be softer when hitting others and more effective in protection.

1.6 Billion of people live in substandard housing. Let's be honest: corrugated shacks that get blown away with a 25 mph wind aren't the best place to raise a family. These so called homes are in disaster areas and in countries less fortunate. Most people don't have a choice.

The product is developed as an LED lamp fixture which uses an optical filter for blocking harmful blue light wavelengths in the homes to improve health of LED light users.

Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin which leads to sleep pattern defects and health problems.

In the kitchen there is a problem of putting down hot utensils without a proper holder and mostly people use either a cloth piece or a conventional hot utensil holder but there is always a risk of sliding of hot utensils when someone uses a cloth piece or conventional holder.

The Hover Disk is a device created to provide extremely low friction to a load up to 250 pounds. It is small enough for personal use as well as may be employed to provide a sliding operation to a larger device utilizing multiple units.

This creative innovation is to serve the world, Ministry of Railways - Ministry of Road Transport and highways or railways around the world. This invention helps passengers and consumers to find a seat on their train or public transportation, seminar, theatre hall etc.

The rudimentary basis for understanding any air conditioning, dehumidification and evaporative cooling is psychrometrics. Psychrometry consists of the interactions between heat, moisture and air. It is basically the study of air-water mixtures and is an essential foundation for understanding how to change air from one condition to another.

Nowadays it is important for efficiency and environmental safety, with this in mind I have a solution to improve the present fluorescent light.

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