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Nowadays to operate household objects like fans, air conditioners, TVs, lights, etc., we need to switch it ON/OFF by pressing those respective switches. Due to busy schedule we may not have time to switch the home appliances, so switching on and off of the appliances is becoming a tedious process. Our plan is to make the user save time and feels comfortable in switching the appliances. Our innovation Ultra Glove paves a way for our plan. It is useful for home and industrial automation. Our proposed innovation consists of a hand glove with an ultrasonic generator attached. Whenever a hand glove is projected towards electronic/electrical objects enclosed with ultra sonic receiver and relay circuit operated by micro controller it ...

The HarpArm™ is a magnetic harmonica holder that can be attached to all standard
microphone stands and boom stands that allows individuals with physical impairments related to holding items with their hands to play the harmonica and enjoy the benefits of playing music. The HarpArm™ is also useful for musicians playing other instruments, such that the harmonica can be used as an accompaniment instrument.

Its innovative magnetic attachment system allows it to work with all standard harmonicas. It enhances the enjoyment, performance, playability and learning experience of guitar players, hand percussion players, singers and people who just want to learn the harmonica. The HarpArm™ is a revolutionary product that enhances the comfort of harmonica players worldwide. It also ...

In response to the failure of football helmets to protect and their dangerous qualities of inflicting hard hits ...we designed Hercules Helmet for Football.

The separate force absorbing cells are suspended in a frame that allows them to be softer when hitting others and more effective in protection.

Covered by a thin flexible plastic, the cells can cycle through compression for a full 2 inch travel.

The sharp peak G forces are reduced and time of direction change is spread out over a longer time period.

The soft cell concept reduces recoil to a minimum...again lowering peak G forces.

The frame will provide support in situations of long term pressure..like a player pile on .

Most importantly we designed ...

1.6 Billion of people live in substandard housing. Let's be honest: corrugated shacks that get blown away with a 25 mph wind aren't the best place to raise a family. These so called homes are in disaster areas and in countries less fortunate. Most people don't have a choice. I want to make a difference in getting people out of tent cities and shacks.

After a 2 hour setup and the HITH unit will be ready for a Cat. 5 hurricane. Made from aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, the10'x20' structure will last 40 to 50 years. This unit is the only portable or temporary housing that has a Hurricane Cat. rating other than a cargo container, which is so ...

The product is developed as an LED lamp fixture which uses an optical filter for blocking harmful blue light wavelengths in the homes to improve health of LED light users.

Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin which leads to sleep pattern defects and health problems. Scientists have unanimously claimed that exposure to bright light in the evening, especially blue light from artificial sources like LEDs leads to multiple health problems. Study after study has linked working the night shift and exposure to light at night to several types of cancer (breast, prostate), diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Collectively these diseases affect more than 100 million people worldwide. This poses a significant problem.

Research has shown that humans react ...

In the kitchen there is a problem of putting down hot utensils without a proper holder and mostly people use either a cloth piece or a conventional hot utensil holder but there is always a risk of sliding of hot utensils when someone uses a cloth piece or conventional holder. This product can solve this common problem with its very unique design.

How will this work?

In this product there will be a extension spring and two anti heat cloth pieces. These cloth pieces will be attached with this spring according to the diagram. The surface of these cloth pieces will be rough. (In the diagram the black and blue sketch indicating extension spring and pink sketch is indicating anti ...

The Hover Disk is a device created to provide extremely low friction to a load up to 250 pounds. It is small enough for personal use as well as may be employed to provide a sliding operation to a larger device utilizing multiple units. A slave mode may be enabled to allow one unit to control all the other units in its immediate vicinity. At this time, a smooth surface such as a floor or road surface is required for the device to function properly. A rough surface such as packed dirt or sand may or may not work due to edge clearances. The device utilizes a large fan who packs a plenum with air, from the plenum a ...

This creative innovation is to serve the world, Ministry of Railways - Ministry of Road Transport and highways or railways around the world. This invention helps passengers and consumers to find a seat on their train or public transportation, seminar, theatre hall etc. and improve the experience of their journey.

Objective of generated idea is to identify vacant seats and make travelers aware of them around the world.

Following is the description of innovation in steps.
1. To sense the magnitude of load, piezoelectric sensors are installed under each seat. Wheatstone bridge or other range of suitable sensors are an option according to need in design.
2. These sensors will produce variation in output energy as the weight on ...

The rudimentary basis for understanding any air conditioning, dehumidification and evaporative cooling is psychrometrics. Psychrometry consists of the interactions between heat, moisture and air. It is basically the study of air-water mixtures and is an essential foundation for understanding how to change air from one condition to another. As air temperature rises, its capacity to hold moisture also rises, and warmer air becomes less dense. This makes moisture a very influential factor for heat gain, both for comfort and in calculations. The knowledge of systems consisting of dry air and water vapor is essential for the design and analysis of air conditioning devices, cooling towers, and industrial processes requiring close control of the vapor content in air. Air moisture and ...

Nowadays it is important for efficiency and environmental safety, with this in mind I have a solution to improve the present fluorescent light.

By combining Helium and Xenon in a clear tube the presence of Mercury vapor and phosphor is no longer needed and although the fluorescent light is efficient it also has a environmental concern.

With the HX light the efficiency is still there and the concern of the Mercury vapor is eliminated making replacement safer.

Marketing and development would be the same with the subtraction of two elements.

I have noticed that industries such as grocery and department stores as well as office buildings and schools are still using fluorescent lighting even though ...

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