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-Do you hate to clean a messy bag-less vacuum cleaner?
-Are you unhappy with a stinky used bagged vacuum cleaner?
-Isn’t it simpler to throw garbage into a trash bag and replace the bag, rather than cleaning the trash bin? Nobody want to clean an unlined trash bin!
Could we use the same concept in a vacuum cleaner?

A traditional paper dust collecting bag is opaque and air flow in and flow out. Finer articles spread everywhere. It is difficult to add a 2nd stage HEPA filter behind the paper bag. Our patented W shape filter bag changed the structure of dust collecting bag. It has an external plastic film wall and an internal paper filter cone. You ...

Thinking about the practicality, the Hanger Click emerged.

Its great advantage is in place and take the clothes quickly and practice and without ruining your clothes.

Its innovative design catches the eye, but its functionality is the strength of the product as it opens automatically with just one click on the button.

The main challenge was to solve the automatic opening system. Upon clicking, the rods open using power from an internal torsion spring. To close, simply push the button again and press the stems to close them. They are just two stages, open shafts 150 between rods and closed, between 0º rods. Because it is an injected product, and how to inject be very expensive, ...

This invention addresses the need musicians have to further increase artistic expression in a musical composition. By equipping a bass or guitar player with a bimodal instrument the overall creativity of the musician is enhanced. An electric guitar prototype was created which features a four string electric bass on one side and also has an opposing six string electric guitar on the other side. The instrument reassembles conventional designs except the center section of the instrument is rotable as desired to access the opposing instrument. This instrument was patented on August 27th of 2013. A YouTube video was released to the public about a year ago to showcase the product in action. It has garnered several thousand hits with ...

When it comes to aging, many problems can occur, including loneliness, feeling of uselessness, and more, most of which can get you down to health problems and create the conditions for the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The usual approach is to treat issues separately.

However we could trace down all of these consequences to merely two sources: the absence of a routine and the lack of new encounters.

The current ecosystem is made of local communities working to develop the social fabric and several apps designed to monitor your level of activity and meet new people. Opportunities for innovation clearly appear regarding the situation: local communities can have difficulties to touch people in their area, ...

Coal burning electricity plants produce a significant quantity of fly ash, the material that remains after the coal combustion process. i want to find ways to allow power utilities to convert fly ash into useful commercial products. The particular fly ash is low in calcium and derived from bituminous coal.

Anticipated Project Phases or Project Plan
Phase 1 – Proof of concept
Demonstration of approach, either at laboratory or larger scale, depending upon technical readiness

Phase 2 – Engineering development and product evaluation
Engineering optimization of process and product
Pilot scale trials

Phase 3 – Commercial development
Scale up manufacturing process
Plan for product marketing

Criteria for Moving from Phase 1 to Phase ...

Recently a longtime friend made a visit and I was shocked to see how much weight he had put on. With all the weight, he was so warm and uncomfortable and sat around with his big belly sticking out. He was having a hard time getting up and to walk.

The date was late winter and he needed the fans running and the heat off. I figured that there must be a way to cool his chair, similar to cool seats in luxurious cars.

The population of the US of A is getting larger and cool comfort chair might be what my friend and many other ...

Built around base rails and locking clips, CRAIL is a mounting system designed for reliable and accurate attachment of devices in a large variety of environments. Its functional and aesthetic characteristics however make it particularly efficient for locations with challenging installation requirements such surfaces that cannot be modified through drilling, are not appropriate for suction cup mounting and where attaching multiple individual mounting bases is undesirable.

Rail-based mounting plays a major role in the firearms industry through systems like Picatinny, Weaver and KeyMod but the concept has never really picked up beyond that market. The CRAIL mounts extend those benefits into the mainstream consumer mounting using a simplified construction, straightforward installation and use.

Specifically, the CRAIL mounts were developed ...

With top-loading washing machines being the best option for wheelchair users like myself, as front-loading washers can have leakage issues and door closing can be a challenge in a small bathroom/laundry room, there is a problem in being able to reach smaller articles of clothing and small towels stuck to the back of the washer drum when the spin cycle finishes. I normally use an aluminum "grabber stick" to retrieve these smaller articles and the one large towel that can get stuck under the edge of the agitator wheel, but the "grabber" can either get bent from the weight of the wet large towel, or it can scrape the metal of the washer drum. My 'Load Lifter' is simply ...

Small businesses constitute a vital employment chain. They are labor intensive though capable of helping create most of the one billion new jobs the world will need by the end of the century. Their unimpressive performance has drawn research interests on their challenges and prospects in recent years. In Nigeria and other emerging economies like other sub-Saharan countries, small businesses (street/highway hawkers, food vendors (mobile trucks /vans and food canteens), dairy product distributors (milk, yogurt, sweets), and caterers have devised various techniques to improve upon their service delivery for cold products and to keep processed food/snacks hot including shawama. Their greatest challenge is the unavailability of an effective and efficient cold/ freeze/heat retention vessel/container and the very high cost ...


The advent of digital cameras has rendered many fine, quality film based 35 m/m cameras obsolete. Many consumers and photographers still own these film based cameras and would desire to continue using them.

The digital camera adapter is an innovative opto-electronic consumer product device that replaces film and can be inserted into conventional film based 35 m/m camera allowing the camera to capture and store images in a digital rather than film based format. The market for a device that allows a standard 35 m/m camera to capture images in digital format could be huge. Purchasing such a device would be a cost effective way to preserve and elongate the life of these fine legacy 35m/m ...

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