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Burma is a conservation system designed to cool, defrost and purify food by generating user experiences that are memorable and allow co-creation between the user and the domestic space; thus, creating an ideal environment for people believe iconic moments that encourage sharing environment. The user integrates this experience to you cooking, so personal relationships are strengthened, stimulates self-esteem and a positive attitude to life develops. It is characterized to sterilize and regulate the temperature of foods, from a perspective more ...

My aim behind desiging this machine was to make easier and faster work for the worker working at the construction site. This machine consists of the 3 level screen system, which is used to separate different grades of material like coal, pebbles, agricultural material and etc.

This system or machine works on the principle of cam and follower arranged which is easy to construct and cheaper in cost because I used scrap material for it. 

This very light weight machine compared to other machines present in todays market. machine vibration are controlled by foot speed regulator. We can also the change the screen for different purpose according to the ...

Easily locates the free space for parking.
Saves time.
It tells the exact location of the free space in real time.
Not only tells about the free space but also tells the route map.

Living in cities could get a little hectic at times especially when you are out in your car and need to find a free space for parking your vehicle, you follow the traditional way of driving around the parking ground to find the free space but what if there is an app that does the same for you?
The “CARPARK APP” does this work in seconds.
This android app not only locates the free space for ...

The car refrigerator is a compact refrigerator designed to fit in any vehicle. It is optimized to fit on the floor in front of the smaller middle seat located in average sedans, as outlined in the picture. By putting it on the floor, it doesn't take up the seat so a person can still sit in the middle seat. Some vehicles may have the extra space for the refrigerator but this design would cater to the consumers with average sized sedan such as the one pictured (2014 Honda Civic). The refrigerator has small dividers inside which can be rearranged to better suit the items placed inside. Without the dividers, the contents would rattle and bang on the walls making ...

Card On Guard is a lightweight, thin and self-sustaining solar card that captures, magnifies and reemits UV and Infrared light that inhibits bacteria and fungi growth replacing 50% - 100% of traditional pool/hot tub chemicals. The design provides the solar card with as much direct contact with the water and light as possible...via a set of internal weights and floats, the card floats upright exposing both sides to the sun and is propelled through and around the pool by the "shark fin" design that catches moving air.

All products in the pool water treatment industry are either chemical or electrical equipment based. They also lack aesthetic appeal. This is our first consumer product, and it is our intention to ...

Ayubook of Rohtak (Haryana) is engaged in the mission of making life beautiful, and in that series, we are developing CARE - Citizen's Active Response against Earthquake technology to bridge the gap between earthquake engineering and state disaster relief unit through active involvement of citizens and help them in saving many precious lives.

Every year 500,000 detectable earthquakes occur, out of which 100,000 can be felt. Between 2000-2012 many life fatal earthquakes were felt leading to death of 813,856 people across the globe. With the large chunk in developing world. The increasing plate tectonic movements with increasing concentration of population has the potential to raise cost of these disasters exponentially.

While earthquake engineering's main focus is towards structural design ...

First, the system is installed in the predicted place on the ceiling fan. Then, the tank is filled with water. In this position, the inlet gate/valve leading to the straw compartment must be closed (the scale is set to zero) since water pressure would pressurize this gate/valve.

Note: to prevent sediment build up caused by water hardness and considering that little water is consumed in this system, it is better to use purified water.

Note: The tank is connected to the system via a sliding valve with four different settings which is operated through a lever for adjusting the inlet water flow rate.

Note: The amount of water added to the tank is about 1.8 liters ...

Nowadays, there are many types of automotive safety accessories that have been created by automotive engineers due to the technology development. Although many safety accessories are available in automobiles, accidents still occur every day. One of the issues is child safety aboard public transportation.

Child safety seats are seats designed specifically to protect children from injury or death during collisions. In recent studies, the child safety seats introduced to date can only be installed for cars. None of the child safety seats were introduced to be installed on buses. Parents brought the child safety seat (common) where cannot installed in the bus. This can cause danger to the child. The child safety seat has been introduced but most ...

Chipper Shredder Description

Ref: Low Speed High Torque Chipper Shredder Machine, Patent 7070132 assigned to Max P. Gassman. Patent was originally assigned to Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.; WebSites: http://www.chippershredderdevelopment.info/sitemap/

The following is a proposal for a product that would fit well in the product line of a lawn and garden equipment manufacturing company.

Conventional chipper-shredder machines used to reduce yard waste, such as leaves, tree limbs and other vegetative material, into mulch typically use gasoline engines. However, the noise and exhaust generated by gasoline powered machines is not desirable for residential neighborhoods. To overcome these drawbacks, a low-speed high-torque chipper shredder machine driven by a reversible ...

Have the project: Bricks with mechanical joinings.
Official page is at: https://www.facebook.com/cimturo

Brick consists of a body with sides at an angle with bolt. It has mechanical locking and holes for medium and low current. The bricks are joined with screws. On the interior side is sealing tape. In interior is mineral wool.

Is needed 22 models for a complete holidays villa.

Have the drawings package witch includes:

22-(3D&2D)--Drawings are made 90% in ViaCAD 3D v8, 6% in AutoCAD, 2% in KeyShot and 2% in Blender.
22-Models made in ViaCAD are exported in STL format.
22-2D Drawings made in AutoCAD -- includes dimensions.
22-Artistic Renderings that are made in KeyShot.
1-Artistic model ...

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