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Air pollution is a major threat in the ever growing urban lanscapes: here, we propose a crowd monitoring system, where air control is done by eveyone for everybody.

This design provides an effective solution to check air quality and share real-time measurements all over the community.

Aid visually or hearing impaired users via Augmented Glasses (AG), WiFi, and GPS. Used with mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - to identify points of interest in buildings, called Locations. AG or mobile device allow hands-free or touch pad control to the system.

Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a baby, and the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. However, some women, as much as they want to, are just unable to breastfeed, at least not exclusively.

It is therefore desirable to provide nutritional compositions,

BEEP BEEP BEEP. In a daze you wake up, fumbling for your phone. You check it only to find out it's not your alarm... and realize that it's your roommate's... again.

Being unintentionally awakened by a roommate's alarm is a common occurrence everywhere rooms are shared,

Insects, the next meat. Few in the Western world like to admit that meat sources around the globe are going to be unsustainable as population increases. In fact, more nutritionists are coming out and proclaiming that beef, and pork are not very healthy in the first place,


The first instant drink and supplement preparation system that enables you to “Make Your Instant Drink Instantly" with 21st century self-dissolving packaging technology.

The current ways of preparing instant drinks and supplements are messy, time-consuming, and wasteful. InstaShake™ solves all of these issues.


NASA has developed a new software tool for optimizing interior layout designs of highly constrained, highly integrated, and/or confined spaces, such as space habitats. This tool will automatically generate or evaluate interior layout options while taking into account multiple end-user objectives.

IoBike is a lighting solution that connects bicycles to the IoT. We bring safety and interactivity to cyclists and a geomarketing possibility to advertisers.

Our technology implements in a bicycle-embedded hardware a wheel display using the Persistance of Vision concept,

In the Internet of things (IoT), many people think about new products and existing electronics to add IoT. However, something as basic as diaper can benefit from being smart. This project would put a small IoT device with sensor into a diaper or diaper liner pant.

In nearly all urban areas, with high population of both humans and automobiles, finding parking spaces is a hassle. It is a very time & fuel consuming affair. Most workplaces & commercial establishments are unable to meet the demands for parking areas needed.

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