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Eye collar is a wearable device which is facilitated with real-time video recording as well as photography, rear alert to let know if someone is approaching from behind without notice, driving alert against sleepiness during long drives, and automatic backlight to enhance safety of foot passengers at night.

The recorded videos and photography are uploaded to third party storage simultaneously. This uploading can help in securing the data in adverse situations. The information will be directly accessible by security police under personal permission for investigation or safety purposes.

There are two front moveable cameras. The movement of the camera is done in solid angle of 120 degrees by DC motors through screw turning mechanism. The each camera ...

The goal of our project was to design and manufacture a inter-convertible table cum bed mechanism that takes up less space, is robust, has low cost and can be used for multiple purposes in homes, hostels, hotels and offices. This project stems works on the problems faced by people living in small apartments and tries to find a potential solution for the space problem by space optimization and therefore by implementing a sliding mechanism for an inter-convertible table-cum-bed mechanism. Arc welding is a commonly used joining process and has been used in joining the table top and the legs. The mechanism has been designed in a simple manner so that it is easy for the user to operate. The ...

I have developed an application which fills in a check with the whole MICR line  and all details on the check.

It encrypts the Name and the MICR line including the Amount and generates a QR Code on the check.

Receiver can scan the QR Code and send it to a Server and the payer's account is debited and the payee's account is credited.

Advantages and Benefits:-

Banks need not print details on the checks.
Blank checks are delivered to clients reducuing risks of counterfeiting
Signee need not employ accountant to fill in the check 
Receivers need not queue up to cash the check or wait 2 to 3 days to have the check cleared

Here are ...

Flat pack furniture can be a nightmare to assemble due to very many parts and fixtures often with poor instructions. Many people struggle to assemble such items.
I propose a simple bed design that involves no fixtures whatsoever. It simply involves 50/50 slots. It can be assembled in minutes by anyone with minimal skills/ability. It also lends itself to simply flat ...

The Flash the Firefly Interactive Storybook and Light Set merges modern technology and traditional storybooks to enhance a child’s bedtime ritual. Current interactive books rely on screens, such as iPads, to make a child’s reading experience more exciting and educational. However, this system has its drawbacks. According to the National Sleep Foundation screen time before bed decreases the quality of sleep for children. The Flash the Firefly kit, on the other hand, uses simple RFID and Bluetooth technology to bring the story off the page and into a child’s reading environment, all without the use of screens.

The child simply places the five firefly lights around his or her room by either hanging them by antennae or ...

A new simple, affordable and smart anti-flood plug. This will flood-proof and make your home safer in a truly remarkable way and is designed to fit any standard sink.
A turn of a screw sets the safe level of water you want in your sink. When that level is exceeded the mechanism will automatically flip-open and allow the water to safely drain away.
No plumbing No mess No worries.
Unlike other far more expensive anti-flood devices costing hundreds of pounds, it doesn't have to be plumbed in to the sink, it's totally mobile. If you move house you simply take it with you and set it to the level you require for you new sink.

This furniture is easy to transport; every part of this product joins together with fastening parts like: bolts or screw and nut and... .......
If you want move this you can open the fastening part and move to new place and assemble it again.

About the material: the most important parts are made from polymer plastic.

Resistance to destruction:
This product is resistant to water penetration so it's completely washable.
If accidentally some part break we can change that part because is changeable.

Manufacturing method:
The best method for this product is injection ...


This invention is based on using Oil Palm Empty Fruits bunches as Energy source to produce electricity in the villages and cities. The biggest problem in Nigeria is Electricity.The Empty Fruits bunches replaced the coal which usually relaese terrible black smoke which is a great emission hazard to health while the smoke from the Empty Fruits bunches is emission free.

The Steam Engine has been in existence in the early 1800s when shortage of wood become reality, the World switched to coal and now w e are swicthing to Empty Fruits bunches to produce Electricity. Mr James Watt(1736-1819) ...

GREENEST is inspired from Nature
is based on Hydroponic system
form inspired from baya weaver bird’s nest
is supporting Algae based planting system for
efficient impact
is designed for Indoor gardening in context of
Human lifestyle
is designed to reduce “Air Pollution”
is supporting “Human ...

The existing models of hair dryers have two variable parameters - the temperature and the speed of air flow. You will agree that the hair dryer may have one more variable parameter - direction of warm air flow\stream.

What would we have, if the warm air stream were directed away from the user's head?

What the new consumer quality hair dryer will gain:

-- no smashed\trampled or disheveled hair as when the flow of warm air is directed towards the surface of the user's head;

-the hair will be gently lifted above the head, with such a direction of flow, what is created is a voluminous and lush\fluffy hair;

-remember curlers, in this case will be the same - ...

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