The revolutionary FrictionLess-Gear© [FLG] and Continuously Variable FLG [CV-FLG] provide absolute minimum product size, mass/weight, friction, cost, and energy/fuel requirement, resulting in highest performance - maximal operating speeds, specific torque capacity, reliability, safety factor, longevity, energy output in power generation and solution overall - at any scale.

Although elevator plunges are rare because brakes and cables provide fail-safe protection, free-falling elevators still happen at some point.

Machines have contributed their presence in cultivation which has greatly reduced human effort and by removing weeds so that there is no consumption of nutrients from soil by weeds. In conventional method of cultivation, tractors cultivate i.e.

Low Cost Cluster Computer Produces Underwater Acoustic Fields

Research and development of fields such as seabed composition, communications with in situ oceanographic instruments and marine biology will be greatly assisted with the development of a low cost, cluster computer capable of generating and graphically displaying underwater acoustic fields.

One key issues regarding coffee production is the bean selection process, which is a tedious task that nowadays is often manually done. Since traditional selection techniques are based on size and density, most of them do not consider faded, mottled, and blotchy beans. However,

NASA's Langley Research Center offers a novel lifting and precision positioning device with hybrid functional characteristics of both crane-type lifting devices and robotic manipulators. The design of the Lunar Surface Manipulation System (LSMS) allows for fine positioning with complete control over both translation and rotation of the payload.

Every object in an environment is subject to air flow and so subject to the aerodynamic forces like drag, lift. Objects should be designed properly to bear these forces and their effects easily by using aerodynamics, streamlining principles.

Hi, my name is Lutf and I am going to design a turbine in the right of way pipe line going towards the house with pressure. For this I have selected a site in my village.

The objective of this project is to make a controller based model to avoid accidents in blind curves. Here we used a sensor for sensing the vehicle. Collision avoidance systems are especially useful in bad weather conditions.

In ring-yarn-spinning, the ring and traveler combination is the limiting factor for the maximum spindle speed.

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