3D Printed Ceramic Bricks

Combining a traditional building material (ceramics) with a new fabrication technique (3D printing) to re-think an ancient building component (bricks), this project demonstrates how 3D printers can become portable, inexpensive brick factories for large-scale construction.

This tube will be very useful to do work from a safe distance. We can use this tube for cutting, brushing, cleaning, monitoring, holding and for many other types of work. This tube will work as a Robotic arm.

Autonomous Robot for underwater exploration with high cruising speed and efficient in terms of propulsion and stability. Designed robot is mimics the biology of a fish for its behavioral function and its structural anatomies. Among the various biological locomotion techniques in liquid environment,

This study aimed to design and develop a multi-purpose controller to measure and control moisture, temperature, and time. Specifically, it aimed to design and develop microcontroller circuit for the controller; make assembly language program for the microcontroller;

The present automatic transmission is fully mechanically controlled and the cost is very high. In this study, a gear shifting mechanism was designed and applied on a clutch featured bike to make the gear transmission process faster and less destructible for the driver using push button system design.

The project has its bases in two existing technologies. The first one is a multirotor drone and the second is an articulated robot. Their combination results in a DROBOT. The main purpose of this project is to combine both flexibility characteristics to ensure feasibility of some tasks.

Our project is about agriculture & photography purposes. The idea is that we can use drones for spraying pesticides on crops. Spraying pesticides on crops is a very big problem because this pesticide is very harmful for the human body and it causes various diseases.

Working Principle: With a very low budget (around 100 US dollars) we were able to make a full functioning 4-axes pick and place robot.

Egor v.2 can track movement and respond to questions via a wireless keyboard. However, voice recognition can be implemented using Macs dictation and speech function in system preferences in-putted via the Xbox Kinect's internal quad mic set up.

In an emergency, time is critical. Whether it is a fire, kidnapping, robbery or disaster Emergency Response teams need to be present in seconds and minutes can cost people their lives. On the other hand, if a firefighter or police officer doesn’

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