The nanomachines’ and nanorobots’ population is imminent. Their operation will involve a conglomerate of structures to organize them and let them function at ease. This near future nano-demography will require cities: facilities for the input/output of energy and material they consume, produce or by-produce. This is the ultimate futuristic urban frontier. Inspiration has been found in Japanese Metabolism, Sant’Elia’s Citta Nuova, and Corbusier’s machines for living. Nano-cities are indeed other machines, for machines to live in.

However, its scale and complexity will render it unbearable to be designed or built using conventional procedures. This research project intends to develop a technique for drafting complex modular components, capable of combining within themselves in order to conform an infinite ...

Robots are rapidly coming into the picture by working in space, mines, hospitals, military, search and rescue operations etc. All terrain mobile robots is a new project and for this, many mechanisms can be developed, existing ones can be optimized to reduce cost and enhance performance.

A very important part, that is, base of mobile robots which moves the robot has been developed. It can be useful in agricultural industry, search and rescue missions during disasters and segregating garbage in landfill sites.

The vehicle has 5 wheels arranged as on vertex of pentagon. Five wheels are can easily be toppled in order to rotate. Revolution of wheels about axis of pentagon is controlled by parent motor.

Parent motor:

For non-serial production users, available e-Patterns for apparel are CAD of PDF files that need to be printed and then the pattern is then transferred to the fabric before cutting.

Proposed idea is aimed to eliminate the paper-printing process and transfer the pattern directly to the fabric.

Idea is based on Cell phone gravity sensor. The cell phone is attached to a tailor's ruler. Pattern drawing is made using polar coordinates, ruler provides the distance and gravity sensor provides angle.

The process to draw the pattern directly on the fabric is as follows:

1.- User prepares Taylor ruler with an extra Cell phone case glued, So the cell phone can be attached and detached to the Taylor's ruler.

2.- User holds the fabric ...

As we are aware that in present scenarios it is very difficult to get labours to work in construction industries and former work. Also on the other side labour law is getting stringent and many industries are facing the hit. To encounter this problem industries are going towards automation. In the same way many foundries are going for fully automatic sieving machines. But small scale foundries and low level contractors are unable to go further for the heavy investment of 10-12 lakh rupees. We have decided to go for small and best possible automation technique to get maximum output with less investment. Now a days people always prefer the most suitable way to cut their cost and time. For ...

This invention is a wheeled, portable, collapsible workstation with integral seating, work surface, load securing and transportation capacity.

This unique invention utilizes a stable tripod frame structure, an ergonomically adjustable and designed seating assembly, and an ergonomically adjustable and designed work surface assembly in a hand portable device. The invention is designed to accommodate approximately the workstation dimensional requirements of 95% of the world’s adult population (smallest 2.5% to largest 97.5%). With commonly used construction materials, and fabrication techniques similar to bicycle manufacturing; the invention provides a simple and economic portable workstation solution for the millions of engineers, technicians, maintenance personnel, and the like employed in such professions.

Traditionally, technicians, engineers, surveyors, maintenance, and emergency personnel and the like ...

It's based on the principle of water jet cutting. It gives the combined effect of water jet cutting and surface drilling operation to overcome the drilling problems by this design on the basis of anticipation of potential hole problems, such as drill hole deviation and high hardness rocks.

It is designed to create synchronization between leading/cutting edge of the drill and water jet nozzles on trailing edge, that helps in effective drilling operation over less time. Hull is provided to push away the debris; it is also intended to guide the drill.

Operation is illustrated in the first diagram.
Drill bit consisting of hull, leading/cutting edge and trailing edge with nozzle is fed into the surface ...

The present disclosure is related to a machine which includes a chassis, a dump body supported to the chassis, and an electric drive system. The electric drive system includes an engine, a generator connected to the engine, a rectifier electrically connected to the generator, an inverter electrically connected to the rectifier, an electric motor electrically connected to the inverter, and a retarder arrangement configured to receive current from the inverter while a brake is applied. Further, the retarder arrangement includes a resistor grid configured to dissipate heat when the current is received from the inverter while the brake is applied. Moreover, the resistor grid is disposed inside an oil bath provided underneath the dump body. The material present in ...

This proposal is for an innovative mechanism to selectively reject material from an ore or other material stream on a conveyor, using a sensor to identify “parcels” of streaming material with a specific characteristic (grain size, color, fluorescence, etc.) on the conveyor and diverting those “off-spec” materials. The conveyor may carry the materials at 6 meters per second. The mechanism is robust, made primary of plate steel, which can withstand continuous daily operation over 6 months or more under the weight and energy of impact of falling ore or other material from the primary conveyor belt located above the hopper. The upper and lower conveyors and the main outer structure of the hopper remain fixed, while the inclined partition ...

This converter solves multiple problems for the energy industry. It can develop and modernize the national power system. Also, it can be applied to inventions that are superior to existing power technologies and it can extend the scope of theoretical research and practical application of energy systems.

Improving energy systems is done by increasing their power, the rotary converter system obtaining a superior power, theoretically infinite against existing static converters that have limited power.

Idea applies to farms with photovoltaic panels and wind turbines generating DC electrical energy and using this converter can power consumers such as neighborhoods, cities, and businesses.

Additional energy is transmitted to the national energy system. Because manufacturing the DC-AC ...

The invention relates to heat engines and, more specifically, to positive displacement internal combustion engines, and is particularly concerned with very large rotary internal combustion engines fueled by solid particulate fuels like coal dust, destined to drive electric current generators, and intended to replace large steam turbines offering at least 50% overall efficiency typical for large Diesel engines, in comparison with ~40% overall efficiency of typical steam boiler-steam turbine assembly. Thus the invention solves the problem of building very large internal combustion positive displacement engines capable of revolving with very large rotational speeds (e.g. 3000-3600 rev./min, like steam turbines) and developing very large outputs (2000 MW and more), as well as problems of fueling internal combustion engines by solid ...

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