The TULMan Electronic Counter is a universal product designed to effectively manage small pneumatic tools and devices.

TULMan stands for Tool Usage and Life Management and the electronic counter allows users to monitor tool usage, and implement preventative maintenance.

The simplest way to describe it is - a device to be a tripometer and an odometer for a pneumatic power tool.

It enables maintenance or performance checks to be set based on cycles or run time. A yellow LED light warns when the cycle or run time limits are near, while it turns red when limits have been reached. The electronic counter can also allow users to track consumables used on the tools ...

This innovative compressor is a hybrid design based on rotary vane compressors and compressors of other conventional types. It consists of an inlet guide plate, a stator, a rotor, an outlet plate and a vane. The design of the stator with the three-lobe inner contour was based on the envelope theorem. Only the rotor and the vane are the moving parts to reduce the potential failure of the compressor.

The three-lobe inner contour of the stator creates three compression chambers that are formed by the inlet plate, outlet plate, stator, rotor and vane. No valve is required to prevent the backflow of the compressed air. There are six compression cycles per revolution of the rotor. Vanes are forced to ...

The purpose of this project is to make a wall climbing robot that can assist the workers working at higher grounds by picking up tools or gadgets. A wall climbing robot can be operated by different principles. Our wall climbing robot uses propellers that are placed at the center of the robot body. The propellers work similar to that of a gyroscope. This provides the sufficient balance to the robot to maintain its position over the wall.

The servo motors runs the wheels of the robot and the gyroscope. A crane is attached using bolts to part shaped like a cabin the body of the robot. The crane is placed above the gyros. This wall climbing robot ...

Wall-C is a wall climbing robot that will be capable of scaling vertical surfaces of different textures. A suction device (such as ones used in vacuum cleaners) of suitable capacity will be used to provide the necessary force for Wall-C to find traction onto the wall. Various designs for “wheel mechanisms” are being considered in order to allow traversal along the vertical surfaces. Translatory motion, based on quadrupedal behavior, is also being considered, in addition to the aforementioned “wheel” based designs. Other proposed features include rest on vertical surfaces, as well as transition between different vertical surfaces.

Applications/Market Potential:
• Unorthodox surveillance routines, to provide "zero blind spot" cameras
• Search and rescue operations
• Inspection of ...

Wearable Power Modules (WPM) is a modular solution to enhancing human mobility and capability with smart engine powers. The centerpiece of WPM is the power module (PM). PM empowers various modular tools for many field applications.

For field applications, power module needs to meet some criteria:
1. Compact, light, quiet and portable.
2. High power ratio, energy density and fuel efficiency.
3. Safe, durable and meets environmental regulations.
4. With “power by demand” and many other intelligent features.

Conventional engines are bulky, heavy, noisy, dumb and not suitable for wearable applications.

Proposed Electronic Carnot Engine (ECE) is clean, compact, light and quiet. ECE generates electricity to power electrical devices. Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) engine is also clean, compact, light and ...

The building industry employs millions of Electrical Tradesman (Electricians) whose task it is to wire a building with high voltage (110, 240 volts or similar) with ‘builders wire’ and connect the ends of the wires to switches, power outlets, light fittings and more. Wire stripping is normally carried out in the field using a pair of pliers. The electrician usually is also carrying a battery/electric drill-screwdriver in his kit.

My invention is to integrate a wire stripper for ‘builders wire’ into the battery drill. This way the tradesman can use the same tool to strip the wire, twist it together (if required) and then tighten the screws.

‘Builders wire’ is usually a flat bundle of 3 wires, in most ...


VERSION-01 – Waste-Container’s unchallenged competitive advantage design featured is a perfect system solution replacement for by the girls/boys/women/men hand-push-pull-carry type waste-containers, garbage-cans and traditional-utensils in residential also commercial areas,....over the present conventional communities’ waste managements.

VERSION-02 – Mail-Box’s unchallenged competitive advantage design featured is a perfect system solution replacement for by the mailmen/flyer-newspaper-boy or mailwomen/flyer-newspaper-girl in delivering super convenient, practical, easy and fast traditional mail[envelops,postcards,documents,packages,newspapers,catalogs,flyers,..etc] in residential also commercial areas destinations,....over the present conventional communities’ mail-delivery ...

The aim of this project is to eliminate the difficulties in polling and enable everyone to vote during the election days. The conventional polling system often fails to bring the voters during election due to various reason such as Non availability of voters at their place on the polling day, Disability of voters, Difficulties to manage Crowd / Standing in the Queue, Lazy to go to the polling stations, Fear of disclosing the identity of voting; So AnUnique Mobile Polling station is required for Indian citizens, which can go to their places to collect their votes without any hassle or redundancy.

The architecture of this system has a central database, which has the complete information about voters of ...

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