The IC Pump Station Anti-cavitation control unit works with a variable frequency drive (VFD) to end pump cavitation. Even if the pump intake is fully plugged! The IC Pump Station control unit “senses”

Engineers, OEMs and integrators have struggled for years with how to balance the cost of PLCs with their I/O needs, and Turck’s new ARGEE technology solves this challenge. ARGEE empowers manufacturers to add logic to compatible I/O devices without a PLC,

ATOM-1.0 Humanoid Robot Vision.

It is important in today’s modern age of technology to have pioneers push forward to reach greater achievements. The pioneer must have a vision, determination and not be easily discouraged by lack of project funding or criticism.

Humans are polluting our environment. One of the phenomena is throwing garbage here and there while travelling in public transport like buses and trains. When people travel in buses and trains they tend to throw plastic-paper waste (plastic wrappers,

There's a delicate balance between innovation and efficiency. Remaining competitive in the market requires innovation i.e. new products and services; but efficient systems stem from consistency and minimal variation. Therefore inefficiency will remain inherent in any industry.

The global population is growing at a compounding 1.3% rate. Society has begun to identify and work toward the need to maintain resource sustainability. A conglomeration of high school FIRST robotics teams will resolve these concerns with an automated renewable energy powered electric tractor, The Automated G.

How does it work?

All vending machines consist of two major parts: electrical and mechanical. Initially the customer swipes his/her identity card containing their unique code. This card is scanned by the RFID reader; if it is accepted then the electrical interface consisting of 8051 microcontroller,

In a developing nation with a large population, the agricultural sector has its own importance in terms of revenue and food security. Modern methods of farming are not economically and technically feasible with small farms in the country side.

Auto BMS is a smartphone based baggage management system to reduce loading/unloading time at a very last moment during departures and arrivals. Airports are technologically advanced but still baggage loading/unloading is done manually by handlers.

Agriculture is very labor intensive field and one of the only fields where robots are not involved. Nowadays many industries are trying to reduce human labor by making robots and machines.

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