Many of us remember when NASA's Spirit rover got stuck in sand on the red planet in 2009 - so have you ever wondered how rovers can safely explore the surface of a planet? Mission Control Space Services, working with the Canadian Space Agency,

The robotics world has reached a stage where the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) industry is very well established with thousands upon thousands of ROVs having been created and deployed since the dawn of this industry. The need for autonomy in robots and vehicles, however,

The Seastick 1000 is designed to be an innovative product in the field of AUVs, able to dive at a depth of up to 1000 meters.

Its key features are its customization options.

The goal of this project was to improve UAV efficiency and safety through use of biomimetic design. This was achieved through the application of a hydraulically actuated soft robotic fin. Drawing inspiration from the manta ray, a custom actuator was developed to achieve a feasible, lifelike locomotion method.

This air-conditioner (a/c) introduces a new design in such a way that photovoltaic solar energy is used to process the refrigerant and cool rooms, offices or any controlled space. It cools at summer and warms in winter. It also responds to human presence as the name implies,

In the past few years, there have been several accidents of children falling into abandoned bore wells in India. Abandoned bore wells have turned into death pits for children. Rescue teams spend hours and sometimes days in futile attempts to save these little kids.

Today science does not have the right point of view on the role of a brain in our body.
It is easy to see. If isolated senses did not have information about surrounding events which lead them to change its conditions,

Taking vision as an example, but that can also be applied to any other data gathering devices, the main problem lies in trying to deal with variability and complexity of inputs. The system states are way beyond any a priori memorization and classification,

I have developed a mobile robot with sensors and controls that can be manipulated via a web browser from multiple locations simultaneously. An on board webcam with Pan/tilt provides the teams with live video and audio feedback.

The noise reduction system is made up of two concrete hollow tanks. These tanks are built around machines such as stamping presses which have a high degree of noise pollution.

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