Sustainable Technologies

The global economy thrives on energy. Affordable energy directly contributes to increase productivity, reducing poverty and improving betterment of life. Global population is increasing day by day, which, in a way is leading to the utilization of natural resources and fossil fuels.

This is a system of energy harvesting by aero and hydro power.

Aero power like that produced by wind turbines and hydro power like that of water turbines. The energy harvesting is done with the help of a series of rotating rotors.

The aim of our project is to create a device which generates electricity based on the seebeck effect, photovoltaic effect and by electromagnetic induction. The reason to designed this kit is to solve the problem of frequent power cuts and also to decrease the energy crisis .

Our Vision and Aim for this Project.

Our vision is to provide each and every user of electricity with the best possible chance of finding a green energy with zero emissions and no environmental impact that can influence our life on earth dramatically.

About the Project.

Currently LED lighting using AC power source require a reactant component such as a capacitor or inductor to limit current without dissipating power. With capacitance (most popular method) a diode bridge is also required.

If LED manufacturers made LEDs with two in a package back to back,

There are more than 20.1 million intermodal containers of different types mostly used as common package for about 60% of world sea trade.

I have a means to regenerate liquid phase carbon while it is receiving contaminants such as hydrocarbons or certain chemicals. The carbon does not have to be removed for regeneration and it does not reduce in its ability to adsorb after regeneration.

Chitin is second only to cellulose as the most abundant naturally occurring polymer on Earth, a polysaccharide produced by living organisms, including crustaceans, insects, and, importantly, fungi. Chitin is a homopolymer of acetyl-glucosamine. Chitosan is a “de-acetylated” derivative of chitin, and is a very versatile a biopolymer,

Seeds are the beginning.

In a tiny volume, millions of years of evolution, packed in a smart code, the DNA. As soon as the smart code is activated by sunlight, water and ground, information unfolds to create the plant, hemp.

My entry solves problems common to most engines including the attainment of high efficiency, simplicity, ease of manufacture, use of multiple fuels, reduction in weight, and the number of parts.

The benefits of my engine are many, utilizing renewable energy,

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