Sustainable Technologies

In day to day life people on Earth produce tons of waste. This study is all about converting this waste into some useful things. In this study plastic waste must be segregated by people and a separate dustbin is required for same.

The design proposed here talks about the economically and ecologically friendly energy from sunlight and from house hold waste that can be utilized
- to meet the energy needs,
- to grow vegetables on the roof or in the garden and
- to save water and cooking gas.

The direct discharge of sewage from trains on railway tracks and platform lead to many harmful effects which are resulting in unhygienic conditions that may also cause spread of diseases, corrosion of tracks, unclean environment to its surrounding. The technology to dispose the human waste hasn’

The Eco-Friendly Solar Cooker is intended to provide an inexpensive, eco-friendly means of cooking pieces of meat and other small food items in poorer parts of the world, where extremely dirty fuels are often used to cook meals. It requires no fuel, no electricity,

Eco-Pen is an ideal pen for people who care about the environment, for the new ecological trends, ideal for everyone. This is a pen that once it finishes its life can be planted and give life to a plant. For it has 2 completely environmentally friendly materials.

This project presents a novel fall detection system based on the Kinect sensor. The system runs in real-time and is capable of detecting walking falls accurately and robustly without taking into account any false positive activities (i.e. lying on the floor).

Traditional rice cultivation system is very expensive and a labor intensive cumbersome procedure. Initially to raise the seedlings itself……..one has to take extra care for preparation of the seedling growing bed, sowing of seeds, weeding, uprooting, caring, storing and lots more. Transplantation is another giant problem.

Now all over the world, the water crisis is a big problem for us .After treatment, use of waste water is necessary. If we can re-use the waste water of toilet of train, so it will be truly conservation of water.

At first,

The idea is to use energy stored in rocks at very deep levels in the ground minimum 30,000'. Water will at this level pick up the heat by passing fine cavities from one hole going down to one hole going up.

The idea and concept of generating electric power from commercial vehicles is to maximize the use of renewable sources and to minimize our dependency on fossil fuels.

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