Sustainable Technologies

Forced Neutral Regenerative Carbon Cycle

The main purpose of this system is diminish carbon dioxide content both in the seawater and in the air by reducing and balancing its composition in order to mitigate world global warming.

FRESH is a simple clay refrigeration and water filtration system for impoverished families in Gujarat, India. FRESH is made from local materials and builds upon existing skills sets of Gujarati potters. ClayNation is the organisation behind FRESH, providing training and equipment for low income potter families and sales/distribution networks.

Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) Engine is:
1. A two-stroke engine with fuel and air injections.
2. A hybrid engine with an air motor built in the cylinder.
3. A high thermal efficiency pulsating rocket engine with piston and crankshaft as its output.

The proposed system is a number of buoys placed along the coast lines of USA to harvest the energy in water waves reaching the USA coast every day.

The suggested solution consist of several buoys, released next to each other in the ocean. Each buoy has a center located,

The Grain Dome was designed in response to the earthquakes that struck Nepal in 2015. Significant issues emerging from this disaster were food security and malnutrition; the earthquakes destroyed major roads, markets and most significantly, household grain stocks.

Mankind grasps more and more surfaces of the ground as roads, the airports, etc.

But we can return these areas to plants vertically.

For this purpose it is necessary to build walls with special building blocks.

Green parking lots work by converting the carbon dioxide to oxygen using the chlorophyll in plants. It's innovative because it uses ready-made products manufactured in North America to eliminate asphalt lots, that absorb solar rays and shed water to our sclerotic sewers.

Significant turbulence is created by airflow from moving vehicles. This turbulent air is an untapped, kinetic-energy resource. This turbulence is difficult to harness due to the chaotic intensity and irregular vectors of the energy. A system—HEAT—is proposed to convert this turbulence into useful electric current.

The invention refers to a generator for thermal power and electricity with the electrical co-generator function, which, through the regeneration of a part of the energy consumed and by conjugation of the physical conversion phenomena developed during operation, converts the reclaimed energy in order to replenish the cogenerator.

The product utilises used polyethylene bags to form a 1cm thick insulating pad that is made in small custom sizes that together can be placed on walls as an add on insulation in the interior wall of rooms.

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