Sustainable Technologies

This technology is based on magnetic repelling principle .We can generate electricity with very little force with the help of this technology.This will be a radical step in the field of energy generation.

In today's scenario fossil fuel prices have gone sky high and fossil fuel is not a pollution free option. We need to reduce the use of fossil fuel for human comfort. Today all cars are equipped with an air conditioner for human comfort.

This research work is concerned with the evaluation of mechanical properties – tensile, tensile modulus, hardness and impact strength of waste tire particles fabric-reinforced polyester composites. In this connection,

Harvesting energy effectively is of paramount importance to maximize energy production capacity. In order to produce electric energy eternally without fuel, I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years of research. This is the ever needed permanent solution for sustainable energy needs.

The Ettridge Wet Sump Two Stroke Engine

The Ettridge Wet Sump Two Stroke Engine, was invented in 1991 and is covered by Australian patent nos.663377 and No.

Abstract: The internal combustion engine (ICE) has been the key to powering our society for the past century however spiralling fuel costs, emissions regulations and uncertainty surrounding foreign oil dependency has resulted in ever more stringent rules and regulations regarding the fuel consumption of engines.

Forest fires in rural areas and semi-urban surroundings present a significant challenge to the departments of forestry, fire protection and wildland fire-control services in many parts of the world, with Ontario-Canada being the latest example in this regard.

Harness the power of the sun with this solar powered Stirling engine. Using sustainable technology, it is environmentally friendly - materials are renewable and recyclable.

The beauty of this low cost engine is that anybody can build it at home.

Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting combines an innovative water turbine micro-generator with LED light engine to form two unique devices: Fluid-Driven Nozzle Light (FDNL) and Fluid-Driven Sprinkler Light (FDSL). Whenever water flows through the turbine blade within the micro-generator,

California is suffering from its largest drought in recent history. It also happens to be the most populous state and a major agricultural producer in the United States. This is going to have increasingly detrimental impacts to our traditional farming and food production industries.

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