Sustainable Technologies

Nearly almost any automobile / truck that is currently polluting our environment can be
"fixed" to lower its emissions and reduce its fuel dependency.

The system is clearly illustrated on the video that shows a set of magnets secured to a shaft and two inductors,

My design idea relates to energy engineering and more particularly to the alternative energy technology of getting power from the fundamental forces of nature such as gravity, elasticity and magnetism.

The potential benefits of this design idea is getting renewable energy along with using sunlight, wind, tides,

Since its invention by Otto Bayer in 1937 to create a fiber that could compete with nylon, polyurethane (PU) has been widely used worldwide in the production of foams, rubbers, and protective coatings or sealants. polyurethane is a macromolecule or polymer formed by reaction of two precursors,

Harvesting energy efficiently is of paramount importance to maximize energy production efficiency. In order to produce energy freely I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research. The concept is described below.

Basic Construction

This concept consists of one outer stator and two concentric rotors.

EV-ICE (Electric Vehicle – Internal Combustion Engine) is an electrical system that propels loaded Heavy/Medium-Duty Trucks at speeds up to 24 MPH. In EV mode, only the electric motor runs. This eliminates highly inefficient low-speed diesel engine use. Above 24 MPH,

ExoHab is a high-performance, sustainability ecosystem for space and Earth. The ExoHab concept is an open, plug-and-play framework for small, standalone space habitats or networks of habitats and work facilities.

At a hardware level, the ExoHab ecosystem would be built around 6.1 meter long,

A system generating electricity using External Magnetic Field (ExMF); based on the Universal Energies (UE), derived from the new fundamental physics (http://exmfpropulsions.com), is shown in Fig.

The windmill is a standard green energy conversion system that uses the mechanical input produced by blades that capture the surrounding wind currents, redirecting them in order to create a rotational force that then turns a shaft connected to a generator that produces electrical current. Most often,

Nowadays renewable energy is expanding more and more in spite of fossil based one. But all of them are subject to limitations and constraints when applied alone. So considerable efforts aim to integrate different energy sources, as hybrid and renewables together, to overcome this issue.

Infill panels and partitions are widely used non-structural elements in reinforced concrete buildings, characterized by a significant seismic vulnerability as testified by disastrous collapses observed during recent earthquakes, for both in-plane and out-of-plane actions. The most advanced building codes foresee mandatory verifications of these elements,

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