People can’t clearly see the welding conditions through the current automatic or manual welding mask, and their eyes will be damaged by the leakage light when a welder removes the mask, and the danger might occur when operating in high buildings.

SCROLL-X combines a flexible light guide, electronic paper display, and laser projection technology to reduce the risk of placing an emergency stop sign when a vehicle breaks down during daytime or night time. The reel design can be installed in the trunk,

Seismic isolation is a technique that has been used around the world to protect building structures, nonstructural components, users and content of this structures from the damaging effects of earthquake.

In addition to buildings, seismic isolation can be used for the protection of crucial structures such as bridges,

This self powered generator is based on the energy cycle from electrical to mechanical and back to electrical. This generator will use a brushless motor, esc, capacitor battery, li-ion battery, arduino and 240v 2kva alternator.

Initial design consideration calls for a manually pumped, separating flush toilet similar to a modified manual marine toilet. Subsequent iterations may be suitable for Pour-flush toilets of the seated and squat-plate types.

The concept is based around septage waste but can utilize other wastes such as manure, grease, crop waste, etc. The system would utilize existing technologies in a way to treat waste with three core objectives: the system would be self-sustaining requiring no external power or water supply,

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a compact self-tuning damper to reduce vibration occurring at a fixed frequency. Tuned dampers reduce vibration of the base structure by the dissipation of energy. The magnitude of the dissipated energy is proportional to the range of motion.

As the global population continues to grow every year, so too does the demand for agricultural products. To continue feeding the world without damaging the environment is one of the greatest challenges faced by society, and can only be achieved by increasing the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production.

The concept was to amalgamate physical geography, renewable energy and mechanical machinery for industrial usage, utilizing the turbine returning energy back to the power grid.

Turbine capabilities include thermal exchange of sensible heat via internal micro condensers, as well as supplementing a triple pull generator system for self powering efficiency.

Shape state analysis offers vital insights. Structures change shape before collapsing. Earthquakes are preceded by shifts in relative locations of monitoring stations. Genetic abnormalities can be detected and quantified from locations of anatomical features recognizable to specialists. These and other applications rely on comparing arrays of physical landmarks.

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