The SMART Signals software will save time, money, fuel, the atmosphere and even human life.

Supported by vehicle registration fees or gasoline and automobile sales taxes,

In the 60’s Bell Helmet had an ad that read “If You Have a $10 Head Wear a $10 Helmet.”
Whether or not you lead with your head, you want to know the DAMPS numbers.

Shortest routes in space:

It must be noted that in study of the properties of “space,” we also are including all possible locations that objects can occupy in the universe (ref.1).

I mean that, we are a part of the system that we want to study,

Shower Belt is the world's first drowning and scalding prevention device for use in the shower. It uses your own body weight to stop the flow of water should you fall. I designed Shower Belt after the sudden and tragic loss of my friend Natalie Fryzak.

SHUTTLE 2-The multibody spaceplane aircraft technology possibilities

Following recent advances in aircraft design, a possible optimal solution for a spaceplan, to carry a payload in orbit could be a multibody vehicle, having the advantages of both the SSTO and the TSTO.

Rescue time is often affected when ambulances are stuck in traffic jam, and the cost of purchase and maintenance is too high for the rural and poor areas to allocate ambulances. Shutter Motor is a small pioneer electric three-wheeled vehicle.

Cranes are used to move loads from one location to another in minimum time such that the load reaches its destination without swinging. As we all know,

When batteries catastrophically fail, they can overheat, rupture, and or explode. Susceptible lithium ion batteries are everywhere - in consumer products like e-cigarettes, mobile phones, and electric cars, as well as in airplanes and facilities for alternative energy storage.

The Major Problems:
➤internal combustion engine [ICE] and turbine/engine exhaust pollutes, destroying the environment and heath of all living things incl. premature death
➤ICE are fuel inefficient in most operating regimes where they spend most of their time,

• Step-by-Step practical prerecorded demonstration videos.
• Downloadable batch formulation and procedural manuals.

With additional
• Follow-up webinars and mentorships.
• Special consultancy and one-on-one video training.
• On-demand solutions and formulations with their online/offline demo training.

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