The growing globalization of our society, the difficulty of communication because of the language barrier the new technologies possibilities from different software platforms requires a new and updated communication system that could improve represent our society communications. Such system could simplify our communications ,

This product is a community sized unit that converts food waste to energy and compost. Each American produces 231lbs of food waste a year. Rather than this being a problem it can be a valuable commodity.

Food waste is a noxious material if dumped on landfill.

Urban Rover is an autonomous home platform for the city professional. Rovers are a new form of affordable housing, providing life's essentials in a comfortable yet mobile footprint. Through a subscription based model that provides connectivity and home utilities,

Urban Telecom Node

A rising and sustained use of telecommunications, both commercial and personal, has been beneficial yet demanding on financial resources on providers and consumers alike. Energy consumption for 24/7 transmission is a nominal part of this circumstance.

In developing countries and under developed countries desert air coolers are used. Most people are cannot afford water cooling systems. The main goal of this project is to infuse water cooling system with desert air cooler,

Described in detail in our Utility Patents (7,798,159 & 8,002,897), our submittal is the process commonly called UV-Peroxidation (element #2 below). As necessitated in Utility Patents a physical embodiment was required as an invention inclusion; we cited a device to sterilize dental prosthetics.

Utilizing LED light strips powered from a stand alone battery pack or directly from a smart phone. UVC wavelengths in the range of 200nm to 222nm have been shown to be effective at kiling viruses and bacteria while remaining safe for human skin.

Every year thousands of families or friends take their vacations together, many of them take their cars and go for a walk or adventure. While driving their cars, many cannot communicate with each other unless they have bluethoth service or park to do so.

Introducing VALUEGAUGE, the first information display to enable motor vehicle drivers to truly save fuel and emissions and time, and avoid waste. ValueGauge consists of a microcomputer and electronic display in view of the vehicle operator,

With VAriable GEometry VTOL aircraft –VAGEV we propose an extremely compact VTOL configuration which produces thrust augmentation effects in vertical flight to reduce the size and the weight of the energy source. VAGEV can be the launch pad for a VTOL system able to operate safely near vertical obstacles,

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