Trombone is an app designed and developed to help you find the right band for your event. If you’re throwing a house party, planning a wedding or hosting a corporate event; use our app to find and book bands based on your location, price and taste in music.

This gearbox has a large gear ratio (500), despite its compact size. The first stage is made in the form of a planetary gearbox, and the second in the form of a wave transmission. The device has a fairly good kinematic error, a large output torque,

UCHardChip Inc. Overview:

Carpenter and entrepreneur Ulysses Dinkins formed UCHardChip in 2016 to develop and sell personal protective equipment (PPE) like hardhats that enable hands-free communication with embedded electronics and supporting software to improve safety and productivity in the construction industry,

The problem that diabetics and persons with urinary incontinence suffer:

Anyone with diabetes or urinary incontinence knows how terrible and embarrassing it is to have to go to the bathroom multiple times due to uncontrollable urination. Millions of diabetics suffer this everyday while they are at workplace,

LED lighting technology is already prevalent in the Automotive Industry, taking on increasingly prominent aesthetic design as well as safety roles. Significantly increased lighting output, required to meet tightening insurance industry requirements,

Every year millions of people suffer various injuries that could be mitigated or even prevented. Some individuals avoid certain jobs, activities, or sports due to the associated risks of injuries. Many daily activities pose risks such as: abrasions, lacerations, blunt trauma, heat or cold exposure, or other ergonomic injuries.

The purpose of this project to provide small lightweight personal secure digital communication for a local group in an environment where wireless communication services are not provided by commercial cellular corporations (in the mountains, in disaster region with no electricity, in extremely lightly environments >80000 lux, outer space,

A marketing study shows there is a need for a multi-purpose general aviation aircraft with the ability to take-off and land on short or ultra-short runways. These runways having several tens of metres can be easy built with much reduced costs in almost any places.

The $165bn pa memory market is dominated by DRAM ($100bn) and NAND flash ($60bn). DRAM’s high speed (compared to Flash) at low cost (compared to SRAM) has made it the main memory in all computers and electronic devices. However,

Mobility and power enable improved quality of life and economic development but current rural vehicle and power solutions in the developing world have either very limited utility or are too expensive to be broadly deployed.

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