SPHERICAL SECTORS [Spherical Caps and Cones] R1 Earth’s Radius
Spherical Sectors [ LO΄WP΄M], [O΄WP΄] and [OSP].F(N) Gravitational Field Lines of Force passing via Caps.N Lines Emanate from K [ Earth’s Center f Gravity ].
N Lines pass,

Early warning saves lives. This is the motto of FatigPro.

FatigPro is a sensor that detects metal fatigue and issues early warning before catastrophic failure.

And what is metal fatigue? It is what makes bridges fall all of a sudden, what makes trains derail,

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, members of all industries had to start working from home - for some, the lack of a commute and flexible hours felt like a great improvement; for others, the zoom fatigue and isolation made it difficult to focus. Regardless of the experience, it’

A CAWT (Figures 1 & 2) incorporates an innovative wind turbine rotor with a maximum power coefficient (Cp) of 0.88. This value is based on 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies confirmed by an independent CFD-simulation services company. This exceptional aerodynamic performance is achieved by using closely-spaced,

Organizational Resource Trading (ORT)

{To save time and material}
The biggest challenge in any organization is inventory management. Either there is too much inventory on hand or they are in need of it.

The benefits of using Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) in braking is already evident from motorsports and production hybrid-electric vehicles. Another area that has a high potential for KERS implementation is the suspension system.

In the current scenario of forest distraction, forest fire, pollution, etc. due to decreasing in numbers of trees, most of the trees used in paper making industries and furniture industries.

Solution is that we have to move to paperless education which save our trees.

When you are thirsty you are already 10% dehydrated, and the adverse effects of this problem range from dizziness to, for the most severe cases, a heat stroke. So far, no method or device has been able to predict when the time will come for dehydration.

My idea is to design and fabricate a 1/5th scale model of a basic transport infrastructure for rural communities using second hand scaffold tube. The track will be locally made under supervision and the trolleys are remotely controlled by WiFi so human to human contact is minimised or eliminated.

In today’s ‘Too-busy’ world, sleep is very essential as it is important for people not to wake up sweaty and weary. Sound sleep helps individuals to kick in their day. In hot countries, a sweaty and uncomfortable feeling especially during summer is a common problem.

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