Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common neuropathy that produces numbness, tingling and pain in the hand and arm. Large pressures on the median nerve, generally arising from repetitive and extended hand movements for prolonged periods of time, are often credited as the main causes of the condition.

Material scientists have made tremendous efforts for the miniaturization of computer processors both in the industries and the academic sectors. Here, we have approached a physical limit of silicon technology, where Moore’s law cannot be challenged. In the era of colossal technological advances,

Our drone is all about situational awareness. See everything in 8K 360 degree video.

The Hawk21 was designed with the professional high end content producer in mind, in TV productions, cinematography, documentary, commercial and PR productions, inspections and surveillance,

It utilizes its advanced solar thermal collection and storage technologies as a power source for rapidly removing water from agricultural run-off and sludge using a process that increases the rate of evaporation many magnitudes of that of natural evaporation. Because of this accelerated evaporation,

Today, bacteria are found at every step. And humans continue to be carriers of bacteria. Adherence to cleanliness will help prevent disease. With the help of a door disinfection device, we prevent the spread of bacteria.

As more and more organizations aim to be Zero-Net-Carbon (ZNC) by 2030, we wanted to share what we have found successful and reiterate the praises we have been singing since 1946 - the power of a clean fossil fuel.

This project is a novel and patented automobile horsepower measuring method, implemented through a) chassis dynamometers (“dynos”), b) embodiments in real road conditions, such as physical devices, and c) other embodiments in real road conditions, such as mobile apps.

During the last decade, the commercial drone industry has grown exponentially. Even though the hardware has improved significantly during that time, drones are still limited by their battery life of 10-20 minutes. Such limited flight time restricts their use in many applications, such as search and rescue, delivery,

As evidenced by recent events, it is a well-known fact that space debris is a growing threat to operations in space. The proliferation of satellite swarms and constellations is exponentially adding to the danger of catastrophic mission failure or debris scattering. Additionally,

The Sowda® Engine is a trademarked, patented, “Revolutionary yet Simple,” gear-based crank assembly mechanism. This engine has an Infinitely Variable Compression (IVC) adjustment from 8:1 to 24:1 (or much higher whereas the prototype is 40:1 ratio) for dual-fuel (gasoline-diesel) capability.

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