This entry presents a novel technology that successfully, and inexpensively, converts bio-renewables into 93% to 100% bio based, high performance, long lasting lubricants. Oil feedstocks such as soy oil,


The cloud seeding using silver iodide, salt solutions, etc. to induce or increase rain is a procedure that is used in many countries in order to help crop irrigation, forest fire combat, water dam replenishment, and even air pollution reduction.


Direct conversion of thermal energy to electric energy remains one of the most promising, yet challenging, methods of power production.

Direct thermal to electric energy conversion has potential to replace internal combustion engines and turbines in nearly all electrical applications,

Full disclosure: this invention won the Aerospace and Defense category in 2017 for aviation applications, but this is a completely new application for the wind turbine industry.

Wind turbine operators have almost no direct knowledge of the aerodynamic state of their turbines’ airfoils.

In a world of rising energy consumption, the need to efficiently minimize and contain extended energy costs cannot be overemphasized. This has led the world to thoroughly investigate electricity consumption behaviour by continuously monitoring with the aid of electric meters,

Measuring big things is always a challenge. To measure mountain size objects, the golden technique today is using drone topographic scan or ground topographic surveys. These are nice and precise techniques, but they have a few limitations: usually need human intervention,

Patients with Parkinson's disease or Essential Tremor commonly experience uncontrollable tremor in the hands. These symptoms range from bothersome to debilitating and their occurrence is frequent and unpredictable. Usually the patients are otherwise fully functional but their abilities to use their fingers in critical tasks, such as writing, typing,

We propose an alternative heatshield design for SpaceX’s Starship.

HYPOL™ JM 5013 / JB 1009 is a two-component, water-based, catalyst-free polyurethane chemistry for comfort products. Manufacturers are challenged to deliver safety, comfort and sustainability in one single product. Conventional hydrophobic polyurethanes have superior mechanical performance but lack heat- moisture management and tend to emit VOC.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common neuropathy that produces numbness, tingling and pain in the hand and arm. Large pressures on the median nerve, generally arising from repetitive and extended hand movements for prolonged periods of time, are often credited as the main causes of the condition.

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