Vision X is a voice-based smart glass for people with complete blindness. The glass uses a set of high-definition cameras for image processing and a LIDAR sensor for distance measurement. It uses a custom Soc processor optimized for faster image detection.

Water quality is an extremely valuable condition for all forms of life. Sadly, during the last decades, irresponsible consumption and industrialization caused the global issue of water pollution. In addition, poor water quality is damaging entire ecosystems as it contains hazardous chemicals and harmful bacteria.

Requirements for the Mo
The Mo was designed specifically as a lightweight yet sturdy solution to give people with a disability “Mo”-re enhanced ability to access area’s they have not been able to previously.

Helmy is a novel motorbike safety system that integrates IoT, sensors, communication and blockchain technologies. It is comprised of two devices, one of them is attached to the helmet (Hemly C) and the other one is installed on the motorbike (Helmy M).

Can you bear your near and dear one suffering from some illness which has progressed to irreversible stage but could have been cured if it was detected earlier?

Nobody can and nobody wishes so.

Unfortunately this is something that is happening to more than 12 million families annually worldwide.

The fuelless generator just as the name implies is a power generating system that doesn’t require any kind of fuel for its operation. The fuelless generator technology has been in existence for some time now but there hasn’t been known large scale application of this technology. However,

Each year, 90 Americans are killed in lawn mowing accidents. Countless more are injured, and the average homeowner will spend 1% of their life mowing their lawn. With technological advances in GNSS positioning, sensor fusion, and obstacle avoidance and detection, autonomous lawn mowers are now a real possibility.

For people with disabilities (PwD), technology offers both unprecedented opportunity and tremendous frustration. In theory, modern technology can allow PwD to participate in social life, control their homes, pursue education, and lead meaningful careers in ways never before possible,

What we are currently doing is NOT good enough. Climate goals are being postponed while energy consumers are being tapped dry. I suggest we look at the home energy ecosystem. This ecosystem provides not only electrical energy, also temperature control and charges the electric car.

On wind turbines VForce® patented blade morphing technology can generate an estimated 8-20% additional electricity generation (Lindenberg et al. 2008) by operating in low wind situations.

The technology is suitable for tapered blades and is of light weight construction.

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