Consumer Product Design

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, every weekend, about 54 million of us care for our lawns and gardens. We use more than 15,000,000 gallons of gas (more the 800 million annually) and producing tons of air polluting volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides.

Tool - Racheting Fire hydrant wrench combine the two tools first two in video (two sided wrench).

After you open the bonnet (top of hydrant) to repair, you need another size tool.

Having two tools, two sizes on one wrench, top and bottom allows for less tools.

When my wife and I were first time parents 4 years ago, it was such a blessing, but bottle feeding was my least favorite task; I just couldn’t get the temperature right. With all the pressures of trying to be perfect parents; I failed.

The Ag-Chair Lift is a mobility device specifically designed for those with a disability, within the agricultural and forestry industries.

One in five people in Australia (over 4 million people) have a disability of some kind. Those with a disability go to work, have families,

The bottle is the result of a study on the consumption of "clean" water by my 9-year-old child.

Studies show us that liquids stored in plastic containers cause allergies, lose properties during storage and even destroy health.

The proposed product is a new type of car chair pneumatic pillow. This pillow consists of three pillows, manufactured with elastic materials. Two of them are connected by air valves. The central pillow is isolated from others and contains microbeads or another filler.

HYPOL™ JM 5013 / JB 1009 is a two-component, water-based, catalyst-free polyurethane chemistry for comfort products. Manufacturers are challenged to deliver safety, comfort and sustainability in one single product. Conventional hydrophobic polyurethanes have superior mechanical performance but lack heat- moisture management and tend to emit VOC.

Propellers have moved motorized water craft ever since they were invented but a simplified way of moving on the surface of the water would make electric craft quieter and more efficient.

A simple chain mechanism with paddles attached would get maximum propulsion when interacting with the water,

Interactive headband with multi-spaced distancing sensors (optical & sound), attached to individual vibrating motors evenly spaced around the head to warn of impending side and rear impact.

Summary: Portable Bidets exist but suffer from extremely low operating pressure, less than 2 psi.

Line pressure in most homes is 50 t0 80 psi and that is a standard installed Bidet operating pressure.

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