Consumer Product Design

Litterbug was created in 2018 as a solution to the overwhelming amount of paper cups littering the streets, nature-strips, and storm water catchments.

Litterbug cups are embedded with seeds and can be planted to grow regenerative food.

After completing the successful testing phase,


Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health. Humans spend a significant amount of time indoors—either in the home, office or other types of buildings—where gases, chemicals and other pollutants can cause headaches, eye irritation, allergies and fatigue.

The coil cartridge vinyl pickups are very well made. In fact they are not a very complicated development, but they need amplifiers to get the translated signal from the coils. Well now it is intended to use vision to recognize the patterns of the grooves in the vinyl.

Nowadays, the earphones are of a great importance in the daily lives of individuals as listening to music and various podcasts is increasing. This tool has become a norm in the routine and the basic necessity for us. However,

Modern times demand a customized shopping experience for the time/budget savvy shoppers. A price check scanner is a common sight in many grocery stores/departmental stores. However in large consumer areas finding such devices and subsequently scanning the intended item is not exactly the most enjoyable shopping task.


withINSPIRED is a line of personalized clothing that has inspirational words or phrases printed on the inside of the shirt. This is a little out of the box for this contest, but we thought it was worth entering because inspiration for designs,

This is a concept for a non-stick car seat "horn" to help get in and out of a car. After a lengthy hospital stay, my mobility was impaired. When I got into my car or any car, my clothes would stick to the seat fabric.

1 ton of coated magazine paper consumes over 15 trees and 1 ream of paper (which is 500 sheets), and will use 5% of a tree to be manufactured. When you consider how many magazines, newspapers and office papers are used or printed and distributed across the world,

Current shock absorbing technology uses either a foam or gel material. While both are soft and flexible, unless used in a thick manner, they will under time and pressure flatten out resulting in a hard surface.

Minoxy is an art affordable hermetically sealed preservation enclosure display system that preserves art and artifacts in an oxygen-free and pollution-free atmosphere that can be used by a novice collector, museum, or archive. The enclosure also protects the contents from ultra-violet exposure, air pollution, and moisture.

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