Consumer Product Design

"SLIM"--Flat Key Case--With Stainless Steel adapter clip for quick-release swivel clasp for special-use (plastic, barrel, etc.) keys and "remotes.

This is a flag mount bracket system for improved installation of a standard flag into a bracket that is above a person's normal reach. This bracket system enables a person to install a flag as high as 12 ft without the need for a ladder.

Prop It! Doorstop is a game changing doorstop that can be placed anywhere between the door and doorjamb (in the door) to keep a door propped open at 90 degrees. It does not require placement on top of the door hinge, like many other doorstops. Prop It!

Every year, more and more new technologies appear and make life easier for a person, without forcing him to spend his time or effort on work. My project is called "Smart Table." I decided to create a multifunctional table.

Named Best Foot Protection Product of 2020 by ISHN, SelectFlex is still the world’s first and only arch control insole. With the turn of a key, the original SelectFlex insole provides 3 adjustable levels of arch support for personalized comfort.

Requirements for the Dart

As a design approach we used the axiom of,

Most electronic components can be recycled. This means the proper treatment of electronic waste could for save companies’ money and reduce levels of pollution caused by toxic substances. Therefore, getting the consumer to dispose of their e-waste properly is essential.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer; second only to tobacco use; and yet, very few people have heard of its insidious carcinogenic effects; and even fewer are aware how to test for such an innocuous health hazard.

Our everyday lives rely significantly on visual input, which pose multiple challenges for the visually impaired. Technology and ingenuity have provided tools to manage some of these challenges, but close-range object detection still has not been effectively addressed. Situations such as going to a restaurant and locating utensils,

At present all motor driven and motorless exercise treadmills are dangerous by design to an adult user and in some cases deadly to a child or pet. Between 2018 to 2019 there have been 22,540 injuries needing hospital emergency visits and 17 deaths,

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