Consumer Product Design

The aim is to design and develop a smart module that can provide possibilities for usage in personal health and asset monitoring, wearables, and smart homes.

Fits Perfect is a web/smartphone application for the online clothing market. It uses augmented reality to assess the fit (size, color, style) of a garment on the consumer’s own body.

Helmy is a novel motorbike safety system that integrates IoT, sensors, communication and blockchain technologies. It is comprised of two devices, one of them is attached to the helmet (Hemly C) and the other one is installed on the motorbike (Helmy M).

Riskut – A New Approach to Device and Data Security

A new category in the mobile device and data protection marketplace.

Riskut is the initial product offering of the ProximID Group, which has developed unique solutions based on security by proximity.

How to help children fall asleep on their own in an educational way?

To design a product that reinterprets the concept of "monitoring" and "night light" for children, encouraging them to fall asleep without the help of their hands.


Blockchain technology has caused a tremendous impact in both academia and business market. Since there are centralized servers used in generally, we have recognized:

The growth in load on the servers which might lead to server crashing and failure.

VAYU is a modern tower cooler designed for urban spaces. It has a compact monolithic form with carefully packed components which enables it to purify the air and even cools it efficiently through evaporative cooling. With its simple geometrical and subtle design language,

For large property owners, routine maintenance like mowing and snow removal are ongoing and time consuming. A machine that could perform a portion if not all of these tasks autonomously would free up considerable time and conceivably use less fuel for the same task.

We all had observed the problem of heating of the laptops, especially when we place the laptop on the bed. This happens because of the blockage of the vents given in the laptop to escape heat.


In today’s ‘Too-busy’ world, sleep is very essential as it is important for people not to wake up sweaty and weary. Sound sleep helps individuals to kick in their day. In hot countries, a sweaty and uncomfortable feeling especially during summer is a common problem.

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