Consumer Product Design

For people with disabilities (PwD), technology offers both unprecedented opportunity and tremendous frustration. In theory, modern technology can allow PwD to participate in social life, control their homes, pursue education, and lead meaningful careers in ways never before possible,

Scootie is a portable and affordable wheelchair transforming system that can turn a manual wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair. It allows users to travel in comfort and with less effort; improves their mobility, social participation and quality of life. To achieve a truly cost-effective solution,

The ClipShade is a product that perfectly matches the criteria to provide convenient, trouble free, shade comfort to the chair users. Whether at a youth sporting event, a picnic, the beach, or an outdoor concert, the ubiquitous use of those now generic chairs is an undeniable, accepted fact.

DIONYSUS project consists of the mass production and marketing of two derived goods under an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement according to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

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Presently with the staplers that are available in the market, the reloading of the stapler pins is a tedious and a cumbersome task. The stapler needs to be opened from the middle for the refilling of the cartridge.

Upzeez is an innovative crib that challenges the existing baby products in the market. Our smart 3 in 1 High-Rize Baby Crib is a market disruptor and caters to a wider target audience that struggles with the conventional cribs.

This describes an efficient water heater that uses microwave radiation to heat a coiled water pipe. The radiation is contained in a metal cavity, painted inside with microwave-reflective paint, similar to that used in home microwave cooking ovens, and on stealth aircraft.

The objective of this project is to maximize the efficiency of LED flashlights. A 60° field-of-illumination LED is positioned just below the barrel, and is aimed at the off-axis parabola, which reflects all of the light in a focused beam. No light is wasted. If desired,


A depth thread plug gauge is a device that can measure the size of the thread and the depth of the thread, both in a single go. Conventionally, to measure the depth of a thread, external instrumentation is required which consumes extra time.

LoveMyUVShield is a headwear device protecting anyone wearing it against pathogens and viruses. It can be used as an additional measure of protection, or eliminate the need to wear masks and other protective means when in public settings. LoveMyUVShield is safe for travel, easily stored,

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