Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy

Electricity is considered non-renewable energy due to its production by means of coal plants and thermal plants.Therefore, it has to be sustained by humans. But I have a conceptual idea for producing electricity through means of converting wave form of energy to electric energy.

The power of each wave hitting the shore is all the energy input required to lift water to an elevation where gravity takes over and drives a generator.

A set of interconnected and hinged panels are impacted by the wave striking the shore.

A Wealth Generator is an arrangement of graphics cards that have been arranged to perform cryptocurrency mining.

This Wealth Generator mines Ethereum (ETH) but can be used to mine other Cryptos as well.

Retired wind turbines routinely end up in the waste stream. Current efforts to divert the trash towards other uses include creating playground structures, or grinding the composite materials into pellets to reuse as aggregate in future composite structures.


It is time to start a worldwide electrical grid. A feasibility study needs to be started now. The technology exists to build a worldwide electrical grid now. The power would be transmitted with direct current to minimize losses from converting DC to AC.

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