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Hydropower is one of the most important renewable resources for energy. There are, however, drawbacks. Firstly, there is an ethical problem. Fish are hindered to migrate upstream and are stressed, wounded or killed migrating downstream. All over the world plans are made to mitigate this, e.g.

The counter tillage machines are rotating in the counter rotation to the tractor wheels.

The cutting shanks are mounted on the rotating shaft in different angles and they cut very small depth in the soil.

Global climate change is one of the world's biggest challenges. Rising atmospheric temperatures and increasing ocean levels are largely attributed to greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal is the single largest contributor to anthropogenic climate change. The burning of coal emits 46% of carbon dioxide emissions globally,

CryoRAC is a proposed design for an innovative air conditioning system that works on radiative cooling utilizing cryogenic liquids. The radiation mode of heat transfer is an easier method of cooling compared to convection mode as in the traditional air conditioner. Radiative cooling provides preferential cooling for hotter objects.

The fuelless generator just as the name implies is a power generating system that doesn’t require any kind of fuel for its operation. The fuelless generator technology has been in existence for some time now but there hasn’t been known large scale application of this technology. However,

The forest waste like waste leaves and dry grass are available in large volumes. Fuel pellets can be produced from forest waste which can be used as domestic fuel. Other domestic products can be produced from forest waste. It can also be helpful in conserving energy,

This means of energy storage captures excess electric power from renewable sources, or from the grid, with an electric motor / generator and stores that energy with a mechanically connected energy storage spring. When the stored electric power is required,

The EMED ElectroMagnetic Electricity Device is a simple device that produces more energy that you put in, based in factual laws of physics this machine can produce enough energy for it to work by itself.

The ferromagnetic field engine or FFE is a vertical 2-cylinder mechanical bar magnet. When the engine turns on, it becomes a powerful electromagnetic superconductor capable of producing more electricity than required to operate.

A fire containment system to provide a fire wall barrier to a fire proceeding across a ground, said system comprising: two or more towers anchored in series in the ground,

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