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Research we conducted in the city identified that most petrol and diesel based vehicles are used for shorter distance travel. Automobiles running on petrol and diesel vehicles contribute more than 70% of the world's overall pollution.

White fabric cloths/linen get dull or slightly yellow after regular use. Normally we add blue dye (a-nil) in water after washing the white cloth and soak them in blue water for some time before drying.

Robotic electric powered system for operating electric powered farm machines along it, while moving from row to row perpendicular to its length on electric powered wheels. The machines are collecting the electric energy from over hanging cables along the system.

As more and more organizations aim to be Zero-Net-Carbon (ZNC) by 2030, we wanted to share what we have found successful and reiterate the praises we have been singing since 1946 - the power of a clean fossil fuel.

We are solving the plastic waste problem from the inside out! If you haven’t noticed, there are literally mountains of plastic waste building up in landfills, a Texas sized island of it in the ocean, and microplastics are being found everywhere.

Self-Winding Generator™
Patent No. US 7,127,886 B2

An energy storage spring, similar in nature to a self-winding watch's mainspring and fabricated from spring steel, stores the rotational energy captured and transferred from the facility's turbines.

A typical electric bike ranging 60KM per full charge will take more than 3 hours to charge and limited availability of public space makes it difficult to install charging stations. In this model, a powertrain is proposed for an electric bike which has its own power generation system.

Legislation and climate driven committees are pushing for sustainable energy use. This means we must switch our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and convert renewable energy to be the primary source of energy. New opportunities exist for homeowners to become individual power producers of variable renewable energy, i.e.


Electricity around the world is becoming more and more expensive. With the global crisis, consumers are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their electricity costs, I assure you that there's many ways to save energy in your home. Most techniques and technologies cost money,

Perovskite photovoltaic technologies have opened new horizons for low-cost solar cells. To leverage laboratory-scale cells to modules, challenges in creating scalable fabrications, improving the high device yield, and extending the operational lifetimes need to be carefully addressed. Here,

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