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Electric power distribution has changed little in over 100 years. The wires, switches and other devices have been standardized and codified. Sustainable power generation, electric power based transportation and the emphasis on carbon emissions demands transforming the present “dumb” power system.

In the current scenario of forest distraction, forest fire, pollution, etc. due to decreasing in numbers of trees, most of the trees used in paper making industries and furniture industries.

Solution is that we have to move to paperless education which save our trees.

The POD MOD is already a reality.

It's design has already received US Patent 5,146,395 / Sept. 8th 1992 / A POWER SUPPLY INCLUDING TWO TANK CIRCUITS. The power unit was developed from the writings, works, and researches of Nicola Tesla;


The present study is based on the growing need to seek alternative water supply sources, taking into account the increase in consumption and the scarcity of drinking water that affects several regions of the world. For this purpose,

The transition to a sustainable energy supply requires efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly storage technologies. Water electrolysis and the associated power-to-gas technology for regenerative hydrocarbon generation principally meet these requirements, but have conversion efficiencies that are poor compared to batteries.

This process is an electrochemical process that effectively leaches cobalt and other valuable constituents from Li-ion battery electrodes. A reductant is used to solubilize the metal species in a dilute acid solution. Typical recycling process reactions usually require elevated temperatures and multiple hours for completion.

New Use for the Self-Winding Generator
Patent No. US 7,127,886 B2

In-A-Nutshell: solar-thermal energy is transformed into electricity and used to electrolyze ocean water into hydrogen that is later combined with atmospheric oxygen to provide potable water and electricity,

Southern California suffers from drought conditions and reservoirs are being reduced at rates greater than they are replenished. The Pacific Ocean borders the California coast but salt water is not acceptable for agriculture or consumption. My idea is to use renewable,

The Other Hydrogen Economy™ and 3D Precision Irrigation™ are competent means for supplying Renewable Water, Power, and Agriculture.™

The Other Hydrogen Economy™ uses renewable energy to extract hydrogen from seawater, or from other sources, via electrolysis and transforms it into electricity and potable water.

Whether it’s electrical energy from the grid, wind, photovoltaic or hydro, the only way to guarantee energy delivery when it's needed is Storage. Thermal energy is the most useful form of energy. When stored in its pure ‘thermal’ form, especially as heat,

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