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It is well known that the sun's path is set naturally under a fixed timetable and can be easily predicted using the sun's Equation by only inputting longitude, latitude and date, day, month of the year.

Li-ion battery systems are widely used in electrified vehicles. The imbalance of state-of-charge (SOC) between battery modules/cells will bring detrimental effects to the battery. The conventional balancing schemes equalize battery by discharging high SOC cells.

Create a returnable plastics lottery system where reverse vending machines are used as "slot machines" (https://youtu.be/I2C7GjP1fGs) and where any (authorized) plastic item could be deposited and where only very occasionally would the depositor win a (relatively) large dollar amount prize.

Many Atlantic hurricanes start to take shape when thunderstorms along the west coast of Africa drift out over warm ocean waters that are at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), where they encounter converging winds from around the equator.

Underwater sounds of varying intensity and duration are generated during the four stages of a wind farm’s life cycle:

Pre-construction, which often includes geophysical/seismic surveys to assess site condition and increased vessel traffic to and from the site;

Construction, which may include pile driving, drilling, excavation with explosives,

The International Energy Agency states that current technology can provide only half of the CO2 reductions required by 2050. The major shortfall is energy, notably for the increasing global need for electrical power.

Steam turbines presently generate 89% of the world’s electricity, but they waste 2/3 of their fuel.

in this contemporary era, now nearly 18% of electricity is generated by NPP. This distribution is probably similar for continental Europe and Russia, though UK nuclear power plants use only once-through cooling by seawater, as do all Swedish, Finnish, Canadian (Great Lakes water), South African, Japanese,

Alchemist784™ Ltd., an international R&D business, and their ThermalCUBE™ Energy Division, a member owned cooperative (ESOP,

What we are currently doing is NOT good enough. Climate goals are being postponed while energy consumers are being tapped dry. I suggest we look at the home energy ecosystem. This ecosystem provides not only electrical energy, also temperature control and charges the electric car.

The Hydrogen Economy is most often refereed to in conjunction with hydrogen powered automobiles, whose hydrogen is, ironically, most often produced from hydrocarbons. The barriers to this scheme are enormous. What is outlined here, in contrast,

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