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The components of wind turbines are a Generator, Gear box, Controller, Power Cable, Brake, Blade, Rotor and others. Each of these components has high cost and electric power will not be generated without each one. So each wind turbine tower is expensive to erect,

The main problem in harnessing shore’s water wave energy is because it is not unidirectional. Meaning the water movement of the shore wave does not travel in one direction; instead it moves forward and backward which makes it extremely challenging to be converted into mechanical energy to be utilized.

New HOPE is an abbreviation for New Heights Of Physics & Energy, it is an innovative concept for power generation and fluid transfer. The system is a mechanical device designed to harness gravitational and centripetal or centrifugal forces with minimal input from an external source. For example,

Molten Metal Reactor Technology – Prospects in Sustainable Hydrogen Production

Globally, Hydrogen (H2) has been consumed for a variety of purposes, majorly as a feedstock or raw material and for the refining process. However, recently,

This entry presents a novel technology that successfully, and inexpensively, converts bio-renewables into 93% to 100% bio based, high performance, long lasting lubricants. Oil feedstocks such as soy oil,

The world is switching to green technologies by omitting oil power based technologies in favor of more renewable power technologies. But for those countries like Niger that only have oil to generate income for their country, this might be a very dangerous concept that threatens their survival.

The objective of the present disclosure generally relates to the field of drainage management. More specifically, the present disclosure is related to a permeable drainage system for increasing the groundwater level in aquifers, reducing environmental pollution, and re-establishing the natural hydrological balance.

This is essentially a large tube, as are biological whales. These will be deployed into the Pacific garbage patches gyres where they will swim (drift) along in the top 2 meters of water ingesting everything their mouth can swallow.

The "Odor free compost can" will prevent bad odor from compost and will save people from unhygienic atmosphere. It will be easy to use and will produce good quality manure.

Oil spills in oceans and waterways are self-evident. This described technology is an inexpensive method of remediating the spill. It is a compost derived from fruits and vegetables in a patented bioreactor inoculated with specific bacillus.

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