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Hollow Turbine™
Patent No. US 8,080,913 B2

Constructed from stainless steel or composite carbon fibers with a titanium veneer, this award winning turbine design effectively captures the kinetic energy available off our coastlines and inland waterways. As seen in this partial diagram,

Even if the environmental and ethical impact of animal husbandry is globally known; even if plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular; even if alternative sources to animal proteins are increasingly within everyone's reach; meat represents and will represent always one of the bases of our diet.

Keltric high voltage power supply system is a special high voltage power system that boosts the efficiency of electrostatic motors to almost 99% efficiency using a special configuration of electronic components.

Currently electrostatic motors are said to be inefficient 5 -10% because of the way they've been powered today.

The Land Aquatic Park environs is to utilize flora found locally to render contaminants neutral and less harmful state as a biological machine.

The generation of cheap, reliable energy while reducing the associated carbon footprint remains one of the big challenges of the 21st century.

Ocean currents could be used as a cheap renewable energy source that is suitable for covering base load demand.

Low Temperature Green Energy Power Generation

Energy Source:
"Even if only 1% of the thermal energy contained within the uppermost 10 kilometers of our planet could be tapped, this amount would be 500 times that contained in all oil and gas resources of the world."

Metabolic towers are unmanned facilities located in in an urban environment . Their functions are as follows:

Collect differentiated waste (paper, glasss, plastic, metal, other) for processing and recycling

Collect organic wastes for incineration process to generate energy

Collect sanitary water from neighbouring buildings for decontamination,

Hunger and chronic undernourishment impact over 800 million people in the world. While countries are increasingly making efforts to reduce food insecurity by pursuing sustainable agricultural practices, a third of the food produced worldwide is still wasted. This issue is especially prominent for fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables,

The world produces about 380 million tons of plastic annually and less than 25% is recycled. Most of these plastics end up in our landfills, rivers and oceans.

U.S. turbines kill 234,000 birds per year on average. When a bird flies into a patch of air immediately after a blade tip has passed by, the sudden drop in pressure can reportedly rupture its lungs, a condition known as "barotrauma.

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