The optical and structural properties of a material determine how a surface absorbs, emits, transmits or reflects radiative energy. From the various methods for modifying the radiative properties of a surface, paints and coatings possess a clear advantage with respect to cost, ease of application, and simplicity.

Many viral and bacterial infections are airborne (such as COVID and Influenza), meaning they spread via pathogen-laden particles (aerosols and droplets) exhaled by an infected person when breathing, talking, coughing, or sneezing. In fact,

An optical refractometer has a uniquely designed and patented low-cost hybrid optical prism that channels light from a light source to an optical surface interfacing with the fluid to be detected. Depending on the refractive index of the fluid and other determining factors,

The UNFCCC Paris Accords have a Climate Neutral Now Initiative program that all vehicles could contribute to; now. One might believe that vehicles can't participate until all issues of battery capacity, renewable electricity generation and distribution infrastructure are in place... However,

This idea comes from our web article “Turbocharged Zhou Engine,” and our invention PCT/CA2014050106 (Japan granted JP6574447, and other countries are patent-pending). So we are working on it.

This invention, Zhou Engine, is an IC engine also a combustor.

This design is a convenient and low cast transport means. It is powered by electricity and no carbon emission. Reference Figure 1, this design comprises one wheel with a hub motor, one operating-pedal, one fixed-pedal, one seat, one telescopic handle, battery pack and electrocircuit.

PROBLEM: Global Heating by Contrails generated by jet airliners

98% of anthropogenic (human-made) global heating is the result of Green House Gases (GHGs) such as CO2 and methane. The remaining 2% is generated by the effect of Contrails. Surprising huh?

This application is designed to allow for safer travel in low light conditions for motorcyclists.

Due to the low cost manufacture of this unit it will allow for an easy uptake among the general riding population.

Described is “Malevolence,” a hybrid electric motorcycle, including an electric motor and jet engine. The vehicle combines a traditional electric motor, powered by battery, rotating the rear wheel with torque via a chain drive, and a secondary engine utilizing an air ducting array augmented with ramjet technology,

Idaho National Laboratory experts have developed a new tool, Caldera. The foundation of the Caldera software platform is a library of high-fidelity EV charging models derived from extensive charging and battery testing data that INL has collected over the past decade. Caldera fills a clear technology gap.

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