The Gator is an intermediate trailer that houses batteries and an electric motor to instantly convert any semi-tractor into a plug-in hybrid.

The Gator will revolutionize the transportation and shipping industry to quickly convert many tractors to run mostly on grid power.

Transport needs in the coming years will be growing. Strong emphasis will have to be placed on servicing new patterns of trade and on meeting the requirements of increased activities in agriculture. Expenditures for transport will be large.

In dealing with transport, subject areas are the various modes,


Deficiency-symptom/s solver/ remover

Failure of fertilizers to sweeten fruits eg sweeten fruits or great flavours [making fruits develop great taste]

Failure of fertilizers to [stimulate/ stabilize] flowers to bloom effectively & productively
eg prevent eg early dropping-off before maturity,

Create a robot / set of robots in order to do the human being's handwork (eg. grinding, finishing) based on the customer requirements. The advantages would be the higher level of precision, minimization of damage for the aerospace parts as the handjob workmanship (human factors),

The Vanier Contour is a new technology for support. This chair uses a displacement driven system instead of a traditional compression based system. With this system, any contour can be matched with an equal force distribution, unlike compression based systems that are susceptible to pressure concentrations and hot spots.

The Eternium long range multi-role fuel cell electric aircraft and liquid hydrogen fuel production system consists of several patent-pending and novel engineering advances that make long-range (3200nm) electric flight possible. This system is based around our high power density patent-pending Eternium dual-rotor superconductive motor,

This invention provides vertical lift flight at a much lower power requirement than existing rotorcraft. Existing rotorcraft generate lift by accelerating airflow through the rotor disk. The change in air speed imparts a lifting force on the aircraft through conservation of momentum.

A portable and comparatively low cost medical imaging device that, for the first time, can be placed in the hands of first responders and professional practitioners.

Imaging ranks as one of the most important tools utilized by the medical community. Every day,

There is an urgent need for more effective treatments for patients suffering from degenerative disc disease. Specifically in spinal fusion surgeries, incidents of nonunion- when the bones of the spine fail to fuse correctly- are high risk and can severely impact patients’ quality of life.

In order to control the use of weapons in a neighborhood, school, business or event, this system would utilize a dual camera design from the same lens. One, a microbolometer would take an IR image and the other a standard CCTV image.

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