New proprietary solar panel technology that generates as much energy as existing solar PV panel technology at 10-15% less cost of energy (even more saving in some applications).

It offers enhanced mechanical strength, anti-slip, anti-glare,

In recent years, aluminum alloys have become the dominant material for body-in-white (BiW) and battery enclosures (“BE”) in electric vehicles (“EV”) due to their low density. Aluminum BiW and BE, or other platform parts, typically provide weight savings of ~40% compared to equivalent commercially-used steels.

The CURVD® Ergonomic mug adds a new level of comfort to your morning coffee. The award-winning patent-pending handle transfers the weight of the drink to the muscles and not to the joints.

Problem Statement: The solar industry struggles with fire. Historically underreported by the U.S. Fire Administration, fires at solar installations rose 36% from 2017 to 2018, with residential installations representing the majority of fires. Every year, arcing faults are responsible for 30,000 fires in the US,

We are developing an advanced phase change based passive battery pack for EV applications. Regions like india where summer temperature reaches 45 degrees needs better thermal management solutions which enhance the adoption for technology. We came up with passive cooled battery pack. These battery packs enhance battery life, safety,

The “I JET” is a fully electric private plane that recharges itself using ion collectors to harvest electric energy from the ionosphere. These ion collectors situated on the top of the plane are carbon/graphite/graphene based. According to the proof of concept by the Ion Power Group,

Need of the proposed product:

A healthy or well conditioned machine produces dimensionally accurate high quality products. Undesirable conditions during machining produces tool chatter, wear and breakage consequently leading to reduced tool life and poor quality. Thus,

To extract professional-quality espresso, it requires 20Bar(290psi) pressure. And, mechanically it requires a water pump to disperse the hot water onto ground coffee.

In a conventional espresso-making apparatus, electric-powered water pumps for indoor use, and hand-pump-powered espresso makers have been widely used. However,

Existing electronic pressure meters use pulsation cuff-only to determine pressure and heart rate, and some models offer arrhythmia detection. Our innovation offers additional analysis of the obtained pulsations by adapted methods used in ECG, EEG,

BPPV type vertigo affects 8% of the population, and every year 1.6% of the population visits an emergency room for BPPV attacks. The misdiagnosis rate of BPPV in the ER is reported as 74-81%. Every year 5.5 million patients visit the ER in the USA,

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