1. Description

Take advantage of the 12,900 km3 of water vapor that exists in the atmosphere in the form of water vapor or mist based on the condensation of water vapor as water nursery (released by plant transpiration and also from the soil, vegetation, lakes,

Pollution of water is one of the main threats in recent times as drinking water is getting contaminated and polluted. The polluted water can cause various diseases to humans and animals, which in turn affects the life cycle of the ecosystem.

Transport needs in the coming years will be growing. Strong emphasis will have to be placed on servicing new patterns of trade and on meeting the requirements of increased activities in agriculture. Expenditures for transport will be large.

In dealing with transport, subject areas are the various modes,

Recent studies have shown that bumblebee wings create small tornadoes through the so-called - hamuli. These are hook-shaped processes on the edges of the wings.

Thus, a kind of turbulent air cushion is created under the wings.

A handheld induction stove powered by a rechargeable battery. It comes with a cooking cup(s) that can be affixed to allow movement while cooking and multiple users to cook separate items without a clean in between. PEG will consist of a ZVC module, a copper coil,

This project is about building a manual portable step on shower that has high water drop pressure without using any device. This is done by using the weight of the person taking the bath as source of pressure generator for the water being used for the bath.

Formed by a set of two elements coupled to each other, to generate autonomous energy, finding between each other the equation; of the set of running without any type of component, even if it was wind or what already exists,

This revolution in litter box technology converts the ammonia gassing off the cat’s urine into odorless nitrate using a 3-stage patented biological filter. No expensive filter cartridges to change, ever! This is a living natural solution to the largest problem in the pet industry.

The team at EnKoat have created thermal regulating paint to improve the energy efficiency and thermal resilience of both residential and commercial buildings. By integrating our patent-pending adaptive materials technology into waterborne acrylic paint,

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 represents a step change in thermal management in automotive electronics, especially important in electric vehicles. Newer power electronics mandates improved efficiency, long-life and safety.

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