Classic electric vehicles cannot avoid poor efficiency at low speed and torque weakness at high speed, even with a gearbox, due to its main motor speed range from a negative to a positive speed proportionally to the vehicle speed.

To overcome these setbacks,

We have designed a modification for conventional diesel engines that provides a dramatic reduction of internal friction by rotating the cylinder liner.

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A swarm of drone devices are places in orbit between the plane and sun. 1 km reflective shield array of sufficient size and numbers to make the desired impact on the amount of warming radiation reaching the planet’s surface. The swarm is computer controlled,

Existing electronic pressure meters use pulsation cuff-only to determine pressure and heart rate, and some models offer arrhythmia detection. Our innovation offers additional analysis of the obtained pulsations by adapted methods used in ECG, EEG,

The Wave’s inertial electric generator (WIEG) is a small linear electric generator in which a part is moving almost continuously based on a special sealed construction of some cylinder (with a Donut Fixed Neodymium Magnet) in cylinder (with double walls inside the copper coils to collect the generated current)

The idea of the new engine concept is to replace the crankshaft by gear racks that move linearly and drive the gear wheels (sprockets) creating torque.

The engine can contain from 1 to 2 or 4 units.

The Gravity Induced Power Plant is an electricity generator based on the free-fall (gravity-induced) of capsules loaded with highly magnetized buckminsterfullerene (or buckyball) along a helical tube. The power plant is self-sustained by lifting the capsules by means of magnetic levitation.

Energy is mostly derived from fossil fuels and renewable resources are neglected. Combustion of material is a very common system of releasing energy.

The reciprocal (piston) engine has taken over the world of transportation and mobile machines but this design has been developed for the combustion of liquid fuels.


It is time to start a world wide electrical grid. A feasibility study needs to be started now. The technology exists to build a world wide electrical grid now.

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