Space Engine Systems Inc. (SES), headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, is currently building the HELLO-1 Experimental, a Mach 5 Hypersonic vehicle using Air Breathing Turbo-Ramjet engines. The vehicle is undergoing full scale ground testing in preparation for flight testing this year.

The biggest challenge to success in hypersonic flight,


To develop a contactless attendance system.


A unique RFID card will be programmed and given to a particular person; if that card comes at a particular range between the RFID reader,

When it comes to exploring complex and unknown environments such as forests, buildings, or caves, drones are hard to beat. They are fast, agile, and small, and they can carry sensors and payloads virtually everywhere. However, to date,

DrLUX is a hand-held, portable, wound healing device that uses wavelength-specific light-emitting-diodes (LEDs) to accelerate the healing process. Pioneering work conducted by Medical College of Wisconsin shows that bio-stimulation can increase DNA synthesis in fibroblasts and muscles cells,

The 3D printing industry has grown quickly over the last decade with average compound annual growth rates of around 27% leading to a market size of $17.7 billion in 2022. The use of 3D printing for large-scale polymer objects is also a high growth area,

Increased food and labor prices have caused profitability to become near impossible for restaurants and food producers. Consumer demand for convenience and variety has skyrocketed. Consumers currently spend seventeen days a year on meal preparation and cleanup or 325% more to eat out.

FlowIO is the world’s first fully integrated, miniature pneumatic development platform for actuation, sensing, and control of soft robotics and programmable materials. FlowIO was developed at MIT and deployed globally to democratize programmable matter; to make prototyping, innovation, and research with soft robotics incredibly quick and easy;

ALIFE®AIR is an innovative engineering company dedicated to the development of a sustainable "Zero Emission - Fuel" solution.

Our approach is to be less of a disruption to existing industry, instead leveraging their existing support infrastructure to develop a global deployable solution.

A valveless fickett-jacobs cycle internal detonation engines that boasts pure isochoric constant volume heat addition, giving them the world's highest efficiency for a given stroke to bore ratio. Using a modernized scotch yoke with new technology.

I am working on developing biodegradable environmental sensors from RFID-based technology. These sensors can be deployed in an area where they will expand to full size and be able to measure certain environmental parameters.

In particular,

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