Present technology for cooling a piston throughout the entire engine operating range is to supply crankcase oil for cooling through the piston oil nozzle assembly explicitly to satisfy the worst case engine operating conditions. Unnecessary high pumping power is required to circulate the engine oil used for cooling.

Communication plays an important role in everyday life. We as human beings tend to communicate our needs to one another.

Aabey LLC’s mission is to address global food scarcity by fusing 2 innovative industries, technology and agriculture.

It is a minority-owned startup trying to bridge the gap between Technology and Hydroponics, by integrating IIoT design methodologies that transform age-old farming processes into environmentally friendly smart-hydroponic greenhouses.

When there is the need to change the blade pitch of the propeller of a helicopter, there is the problem of the strong natural coupling of the rotation of the regulating shaft with the rotation of the propeller hub, which in fact is a carrier.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness, affecting 80 million patients globally including 3 million patients in the USA. Elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) is an important risk factor in the pathogenesis and progression of glaucoma.

The EXtreme Transmission Ratio Efficient MEchanism (EX.T.R.E.ME.) is a simple planetary mechanism with a pair of standard module gears and a pair of gears with involute profile but non-standard module.

In this way, having only ONE moving part between its input and its output (only THREE moving parts,

The Keshe Foundation presents the Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit as a revolutionary concept in space travel, space medicine, and space technology.

The prototype Flight Enhancement Spaceship Units are in production and undergoing final development,

The Central Problem: People and production companies in the agricultural and livestock sector lack the generation of an important input such as organic fertilizer (ecological agriculture) with food supplements to improve their production.

The Causes: 1. Violation and non-compliance with legal frameworks, including municipal and regional ordinances;

The home-use diagnostic pad enables women to specifically and personally follow their own feminine discharges for changes and progressions in physiologic conditions. The pad constitutes an AI-empowered early detection platform for at-home monitoring of cancerous biomarkers detection in feminine discharges.

1) Issue: safety glasses fog when technicians have a dusk mask on. This issue was amplified more so during Covid.

2) Current "fogless" glasses don't work because instead of fog there is running water that also obstructs the vision.

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