Located in the tropical waters of the Atlantic would be a vast field of floating solar collectors, providing power for electrodes submerged in the seawater. At the cathodes, hydrogen is collected and piped to compressors and liquified for shipping. The compressors are also powered by the solar collectors.

The energy-free energy generator relates to a power tool which needs no fuel and no electric power supply. It is light and rapid and has strong power and aims at saving the earth and eliminating haze. With an increased number of features, mobile devices like smart phones,

Companies achieved international leadership styles through innovations that create competitive advantage by perceiving an entirely new market or serving market segments ignored by others.

Update to the Storm Wave Mitigation Project

We had access to a CFD application where we simulated the effect of an Edinburgh Duck facing a wavefront. This is captured in the sidebar with the solid white bar representing the oncoming wave front.

Our integrated solution comprises a biomass gasifier and TMSG-DC on a single skid which will be a portable gas based generator works on biodegradable waste. It is a renewable based cleantech product suitable for household applications.

New line of washers for Laundromats and On Premises laundry.

I have designed a new line of washers that has more features than any other laundry machines in the market.

This line of washers is raising the standard of washing machines design for sustainability.

Sleeping eye pads and sleeping band for head that have integrated speakers, microphones, heart rate sensor and 3-axis G sensor.

Speakers could be connected with phone by bluetooth to lookup on your health when you sleep.

Pollution is a powerful thing. It's hard to manage and is very bad for our Earth. My solution to this problem is a very sturdy machine I call a garbage disposal. It's built from 9 different motors just to turn into 3 different motors.

Many countries of the world are using underground water extensively. We mostly use this water for drinking or watering crops. The proposed project considers the possibility of obtaining electricity from the groundwater used.

Increasing pest and disease pressures urge specialty crop farmers to spray orchards more frequently than ever before to grow marketable products. In the order from primitive to sophisticated,

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