Space debris is a dangerous threat to future space exploration. The project “ShotSat” proposed a possible solution to the problem of space debris using this satellite. The device got its name because the satellite launches “shots” into space debris.

Every year 10 million people die from cancer, 6.8 million die from neurological disorders, and half a million die from neglected tropical diseases. Although there are tremendous advancements being made in these fields every day, there's still a dire need for better, cheaper, and more accessible treatments.

Bielectric technology is for buses and haulage electric systems. This technology will completely be self sufficient in terms of generating electricity for the vehicle.

A conventional electric system with 8 hours drive will be installed in the system.

An intake air filter is a device meant for the removal of dust, dirt, water, and other particles from the air in a vehicle's intake system. Also,

Existing electronic pressure meters use pulsation cuff-only to determine pressure and heart rate, and some models offer arrhythmia detection. Our innovation offers additional analysis of the obtained pulsations by adapted methods used in ECG, EEG,

We have developed a working method to immediately detect and locate nearby, unknown personal trackers using only a combination of simply RF demodulation and a custom algorithm.

Personal trackers such as Apple’s AirTag®, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag®, Tile Tracker® and others are being used to stalk people,

I was working on figuring out a way to protect trees sited in conflict zones that have bullet holes on their stem from deadliest pathogens entering through the holes. While I was developing very practical solutions, I remembered about the Hawaii ROD fungus killing the ohia trees (

E-Code is an original smart irrigation system that uses an amalgamation of technology in order to save water. In short, E-Code works to optimize water usage while minimizing consumer costs!

We are developing an advanced phase change based passive battery pack for EV applications. Regions like india where summer temperature reaches 45 degrees needs better thermal management solutions which enhance the adoption for technology. We came up with passive cooled battery pack. These battery packs enhance battery life, safety,

Need of the proposed product:

A healthy or well conditioned machine produces dimensionally accurate high quality products. Undesirable conditions during machining produces tool chatter, wear and breakage consequently leading to reduced tool life and poor quality. Thus,

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