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Automatic Fuel Regulator
The main idea of this device is to regulate/control the fuel flow to the engine cylinder based on current velocity of the vehicle.
Please check the attached pdf file.

The APET is a “magnetic levitation” public transportation system. It will transport commuters and their vehicles, via individual “pods,” long distances, to and from major cities, while their vehicles engines are off and expelling no emissions. This transportation system will radically lower the number of vehicles on freeways, thereby reducing vehicle pollution and traffic. In addition, the APET system would service bicycle and scooter riders. They would travel in an extended pod that would carry three dozen or more people and their bicycles or scooters. Obviously, a fee will be assessed to use the APET system. To pronounce the name APET, say the letter “A” and then say the word “Pet.”

The APET system would consist of terminals ...

Aviation carbon fiber production processes (in experiment blades have been produced with advantages of carbon fiber composites without the disadvantages that prevent carbon fiber to be used in critical aviation parts).

Adding to the resin iron particles in micron size we give induction heat compatibility characteristics to the composite part so that uniform heat will be applied in the composite with induction heat system during compounding
• To prevent aviation structure parts from eroding from air born particles sandblasting them during flight we can use thermal spray coating and apply a layer of stainless and layer of carbide to the mould surface before each molding so that the composite parts during casting will bond with this layers and ...

Riding a bicycle with motorized traffic presents a safety issue. Cyclists are often hard to see and their intentions are not easily interpreted by vehicle drivers. Cycling at night is an additional challenge, as most cyclists are not prepared with the proper equipment for visibility.

Solution:The object of the Light Belt is to make the cyclist more visible to surrounding traffic. The innovative Light Belt comprises of a center mounted stop light and side mounted directional lights. Just wear the Light Belt around your waist or chest and get on your bike. The Light Belt is hybrid powered by AA batteries and solar power.

How It Works:
The Light Belt is made from a flexible circuit board which ...

The traffic situation is bad and getting worse. Congestion delays the average American driver hundreds of hours per year. Such a situation robs productivity, increases air pollution, and wastes petroleum. The need to alleviate the congestion leads to the building of new roads and bridges that do little to help.
One constraint causes much of the congestion. Roads are one dimensional. Earth-bound vehicles are constrained to one degree of freedom, moving forward. Although a car can change lanes and there are cross roads in which to move right or left, the geometry is one-dimensional. Giving the world three dimensions in which to drive would largely alleviate the congestion. Using the infrastructure that already exists would reduce the huge expenditures ...

The Camera Aided Parking System was conceived to help drivers find free parking places on any parking lot as fast as possible.
Finding a free place to park your car can be a tedious task. This is true especially during shopping seasons such as Christmas. The problem is also common on business buildings parking lots that have several floors.
Many parking lots have displays that show how many free places are still available on a particular floor so that you don’t even need to enter it if there is no more space available. The problem is that this number is estimated or it requires someone to personally check how many free places are available. Needless to say, most of ...

Car engine efficiency on better mileage will be based on the following factors: air filter medium, engine condition and fuel quality. As the engine RPM increase, air inflow decrease. Having a electrolysis system, producing hydrogen and oxygen via alternator and booster box. Hydrogen and oxygen gas can be store for situational use. With the aid of a computer control valve, the hydro-oxygen gas will be injected in to the air filter inlet. The release valve will be switch ON as the vehicle reaches 30khp and above. Hydrogen and Oxygen feed will increase engine power, better combustion of fuel and environmental ...

Global warming from carbon emissions is creating hardship and health risks world-wide.
Epoch Energy Technology Corp developed the EP-130B/EP-350B Internal Combustion Engine Carbon Cleaning System to improve the efficiency of any motor vehicle.
Removing carbon buildup increases burning efficiency, which reduces fuel consumption, friction and emissions. The engine runs more smoothly and efficiently, which can also extend engine service life. Horsepower and torque are restored.
The Epoch Carbon Cleaning System uses water to produce a mixed oxygen-hydrogen gas on demand that is added to the engines intake during a 40-minute process.
This simple, low cost method can be used for virtually all motor vehicles world-wide via a simple, safe, environment-friendly and ...

The purpose of this design is to replace the current valve arrangement on today's internal combustion engines with one that is much more efficient. Current designs employ a rocker arm, spring, and valve-stem to create the up-and-down motion of the intake and exhaust valves, and as a result, there is a great deal of "hammering" of the valves on the cylinder head. The new design is called the "ball" valve, and it employs a rolling motion to perform the tasks of intake and exhaust. In doing so, the ball eliminates the hammering as it moves in a smoother and more natural fashion, and significantly less work is required to deploy it. But the main reason for switching to the ...

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to Predict Changes in Velocity properties in Stented Carotid Artery

Atherosclerosis is a disease that narrows, thickens, hardens and restructures a blood vessel due to substantial plaque deposit. In the Carotid Artery, the decision to treat using endarterectomy and stenting is determined by the velocity as measured by Doppler flow in the common Carotid Artery. The measured Doppler velocity as compared with the contra-lateral side has been correlated with the degree of stenosis. In some patients, the Doppler velocity after stenting is equivalent to or higher than before treatment. The hypothesis we are testing is that higher velocity measured after stenting may be due to the decreased compliance of the artery wall ...

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