The DTV Shredder is an ultra compact all terrain vehicle. A 14hp engine powers two tank tracks over any terrain imaginable. Sand, snow and ice, rocks or dirt, the shredder can handle it all at speeds of up to 30 mph!

The “Eco-Intelligent Bike” is an individual vehicle. The concept of this bike is well-balanced between new technologies and natural. The shape of the frame was designed to look like a man bending down to the ground.

A Specialized Vocational Training Center to provide the instruction to Upgrade Existing Auto Mechanics to Repair and Service the New Plug-In Electric Vehicles (E. V. Technicians)
• What problem does your design idea solve?

My proposal is to use the motorcycle stator based design around the axle of a vehile (used in hybrid or electric vehile were a gas powered engine is not used with alternator). This should allow some electricity to be generated while the vehicle is in motion,

Electronic Moving Freight Train Weighing System.

The system consists of a large concrete pit constructed in a railway freight car marshalling yard over which a structural steel bridge is erected.

The Electromagnetic Mechanical Induction Engine is the crossover between an electric vehicle, and a hybrid engine. Derived from the operation of a linear induction motor roller coaster, this electromechanical engine changes linear induction, to rotational induction.

Note: I am not a scientist and not even an automobile or mechanical engineer. These are some of the ideas that have been lingering in my mind for a long time and I don’t even know if they are technically feasible.

Combustion normally occurs in common reciprocating-piston, internal combustion engines when the piston reaches the highest point in the cylinder. At that point, however,

The use of lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium and composite materials are steadily increasing to mitigate the increasing vehicle weight and fuel consumption. The use of these lightweight materials mainly depend on the ability to make reliable joining methods.

Today marks a new era of space commerce. In the 1930s the DC3 enabled effective commercial air services. What will mark a comparable step in this era of space enterprise?

Aircraft that fly from a runway can reach space. Scaled Composites and Orbital Sciences Corporation have demonstrated this.

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