Why should a car be so expensive? The average annual income in the US is around $47,000. The average price of a new car is around $30,000. This is a problem.

Fossil fuels, in any form, are quite effective in terms of power output. However, they are non-renewable and are getting depleted at an alarming pace due to their usage as the primary source of energy.

The crankshaft has been used for over 136 years without any fundamental change to continuously convert linear motion to rotary motion and vise versa.

As high-power batteries become available, the most significant problem to be overcome for electric vehicles is the disparate systems used to manage batteries (battery management systems, or BMS), charge batteries, traction motor controllers and power auxiliary systems.

The proposed design is comprised of a single part which,

The CW-RUNABOUT is my attempt at a VTOL PAV concept that would hopefully be cheap to produce and as easy to controll as posible while having as few components as possible.

Based upon an arched decussate (shaped like an X) form from which the chassis is suspended, this is a motor vehicle in which all components are sprung members. This enables a flexible and extremely light-weight bed upon which to mount a propulsive system. As part of the design,

Today’s world is concerned about the depletion of natural resources and the impact of human activity on the environment. Making automotive transportation more efficient is one of the major goals of engineering research.

A classic engine relies on a crankshaft and a rod to transmit the motion from the piston to main axis, with two main problems with energy loss: the piston motion approximating a sine, which is not optimal for energy transmission to the crankshaft,

Electric cars are gaining popularity with claims of longer range, low operating costs, etc. Unfortunately the evolution of this technology is slow, as the materials used to build the electric cars are the same or similar materials used to construct a heavy gasoline powered vehicle.

3 wheel, 300 pound personal 2 person transporter relying on 2 hubmotor traction wheels, electronic/pneumatic suspension to optimize handling and energy characteristics, computer controlled lighting system connected to a personal computer via USB connection. Vehicle may be controlled remotely via the personal computer controller in remote mode.

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