Here in Egypt, traffic jams are a major problem. ATC offers a solution for this problem. It looks into the problem from a different perspective. The idea is to install an electronic system on each vehicle. This system will detect illegal movement (cross lanes frequency), illegal driving direction, breaking traffic lights, fast acceleration, illegal parking, and short distance to front vehicle. Some of these are already included as safety features in modern cars. And some are there by default as common sensors. The rest of them will be implemented using computer vision/Artificial Intelligence techniques.

The system is composed of a central control unit which is connected to car default sensors (Speed, Acceleration, GPS, Safety sensors) and added ...

I have three US patents for different embodiments of an auto safety bumper invention.

Cars must become smaller and lighter to meet government CAFE rules. Today, small cars are less safe in collisions than larger cars. The small cars don't have large crumple zones. In fact, many small cars don't have extended trunks that provide a large crumple zone for larger cars.

I propose to add a box full of polyurethane foam which gets crushed in a collision. The foam has a stress strain curve like that of steel. The force on it becomes flat and that reduces the g forces on the passengers as long as foam is being crushed.

Fig 1 show a box that is shared ...

The Automate system aims to provide a sustainable transportation solution for our cities. Many concepts try to overcome the ever growing losses due to traffic jams, pollution and traffic accidents. AutoMate provides an innovative system design which aims to help us all save lives, time and keep our planet a greener place.

While the first PRT systems are now starting to gain momentum, AutoMate wishes to improve their concept by designing the car/pod/system in a way that allows easy system integration with current AND future infrastructure needs.

The AutoMate™ transportation system combines the benefits of mass transportation with the convenience and privacy of your own car.
- Door-to-door travel time is reduced by 50% (80% during rush hours). This ...

The idea is simple: to control the traffic by having a sensor on each car that allows the traffic control infrastructure to detect vehicles on the road.

Such is the case of traffic lights with this technology. The sensors would send data to the traffic lights controller on a predefined range such that the traffic light detects how many cars are on each lane and take smart actions to control the existing traffic.

With this data, the traffic light controller can decide the amount of seconds for each lane, and with this intelligence the traffic would flow just as well as it would with a standing police officer in a traffic intersection.

There is no need to include private ...

The huge amount of smoke the Internal Combustion Engine of an automobile (truck/car/bus) bellows, versus the clean ride we all enjoy on a bicycle, made me think of a cleaner source of energy to run the automobile which is not dependent on any sort of crude, not even on the Renewable Energy sources of the Sun, Hydro, or Wind power; is far easier and economical to build than the fuel cell, can be made available 24 X 7 almost without any cost.

It is actually the simple principle of a Dynamo which worked fine on my bicycle, magnified 100 times. My bicycle had a dynamo attached to the rear wheel which when turned along the wheel’s rim as the ...

Individual Freedom / Community Advantage

This proposal is primarily about extending the range of your electric car!

System designed for Electric Vehicles that can travel on Rail AND... independently on Streets.

You may have seen CSX Maintenance trucks that ride on rails, as well as streets... this goes way beyond that!

Electric vehicles have limited range today, but this concept eliminates that problem COMPLETELY.

This system is extremely energy efficient.

The business model is patterned after the same successful strategies as Cell Phones and PC's & the Internet.

The vehicle:
Electric... limited top speed for city driving and limited range depending on battery.
Same vehicle could go 70mph or more with Unlimited Range while “On-Board” rail.
Vehicle may be ...

The AWD Butterfly has so much potential for its future. The car leans like a bike, changes wheelbase, changes into positive and negative camber, and uses a great deal of thoughtful innovative components developed since 2005. This vehicle was designed to have the highest cornering force possible And transport people in the most original and efficient way possible

Infinite years exist in the future. What we create to make our lives more efficient and enjoyable is a privilege of time as it goes on. So much more than anyone can possibly imagine is going to be invented. We certainly can take advantage of this and take a leap into what is still there to be made.

I would like ...

Most people who have ridden bicycles can attest that air resistance is the main barrier to achieving a desirable average speed.

Alternatively, many science-minded people who are familiar with the Mythbusters television show may recall that bicycles can draft trucks (of rectangular rear end) at speeds which are nearly impossible to attain with human power alone. The wake of the truck, which is fully turbulent, can be fully reproduced in a Bicycle Wind Tube (BWT).

The Bicycle Windtube is a structure specifically suited for the human-powered bicycle mode of transportation, capable of sustaining an average air speed of 25 miles per hour inside of a closed tunnel. This number seems insignificant but may represent a ...

The BiModal Glideway (BMG) project is a new incarnation of the 60 year old possibility of bimodal transportation. Bimodal transportation involves vehicles that can operate on conventional streets and highways and on separated guideways. In the former they are driver controlled; in the latter they are system controlled and travel without driver intervention.

Automobiles using BiModal technology enter onto a Glideway and automatically convert to all-electric, high speed vehicles, no longer requiring driver control. Riding on a single lane, grade separated Glideway, each vehicle is controlled by vehicle-Glideway interacting systems. The non-stop traffic would flow more swiftly and more safely than conventional traffic, and drivers would be freed up for other activities while on the Glideway. On ...

To design and build an alternative non-petroleum transit system to shuttle both personal and private automobiles on existing interstate highways. The goal is to build a test site for both simulated static test and real time testing of a frictionless guide-way track. Use clean technologies in a non-mag platform setting to keep costs low. Also the final design must cut its carbon print by 50 to 60 ...

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