Here in Egypt, traffic jams are a major problem. ATC offers a solution for this problem. It looks into the problem from a different perspective. The idea is to install an electronic system on each vehicle. This system will detect illegal movement (cross lanes frequency), illegal driving direction,

I have three US patents for different embodiments of an auto safety bumper invention.

Cars must become smaller and lighter to meet government CAFE rules. Today, small cars are less safe in collisions than larger cars. The small cars don't have large crumple zones. In fact,

The Automate system aims to provide a sustainable transportation solution for our cities. Many concepts try to overcome the ever growing losses due to traffic jams, pollution and traffic accidents. AutoMate provides an innovative system design which aims to help us all save lives,

The idea is simple: to control the traffic by having a sensor on each car that allows the traffic control infrastructure to detect vehicles on the road.

Such is the case of traffic lights with this technology.

The huge amount of smoke the Internal Combustion Engine of an automobile (truck/car/bus) bellows, versus the clean ride we all enjoy on a bicycle, made me think of a cleaner source of energy to run the automobile which is not dependent on any sort of crude,

Individual Freedom / Community Advantage

This proposal is primarily about extending the range of your electric car!

System designed for Electric Vehicles that can travel on Rail AND... independently on Streets.

You may have seen CSX Maintenance trucks that ride on rails, as well as streets...

The AWD Butterfly has so much potential for its future. The car leans like a bike, changes wheelbase, changes into positive and negative camber,

Most people who have ridden bicycles can attest that air resistance is the main barrier to achieving a desirable average speed.


The BiModal Glideway (BMG) project is a new incarnation of the 60 year old possibility of bimodal transportation. Bimodal transportation involves vehicles that can operate on conventional streets and highways and on separated guideways. In the former they are driver controlled;

To design and build an alternative non-petroleum transit system to shuttle both personal and private automobiles on existing interstate highways. The goal is to build a test site for both simulated static test and real time testing of a frictionless guide-way track.

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