Rockets utilized by NASA, etc. utilize an antiquated ignitiion system, requiring a chain of events to occur to obtain ignition. (Safe-and-Arm device to rotate to "arm," electric impulse given, ignites propellant pellets, which ignite initiator propellant grain, which ignites the igniter propellant grain,

High temperature and high mechanical stress harsh environments can cause wear and erosion on exposed surfaces of critical components. Few sensing devices or methods are capable of performing intrinsic wear measurements, particularly in real-time and in situ.

eMoTria is a lightweight electric vehicle, specially designed for sustainable mobility in cities and appropriate for a multitude of services. A crossover combining a microcarrier (lightweight quad) and a maxi-scooter, it can be driven without a license.

WHY: Transportation is the master key to survival. A new mode of transportation (independent of diminishing fossil energy) is necessary to achieving an environmentally sustainable yet thriving economy in an urbanized world.

WHAT: ET3™ is literally ‘Space Travel on Earth,’ a global transportation system that is silent, low cost,

A patent pending design that allows to expand a vehicle - trailer, van or a truck above 300% compared to the initial surface and volume.

Project's phase: a working prototype has been used in several fields - construction, racing, educational and entertaining.

Even with the many recent advances in battery technologies, the limited un-recharged range of electric vehicles in comparison to their gasoline counterparts is a “deal breaker” for many potential purchasers. In extreme climates (hot or cold),

Adding current fiber optic technologies to freight train flatcars, such as those by CSX, enable mass transportation for combined consumer vehicle traveling and cargo. Six major economic advantages arise. First, convenient loading of passenger vehicles allow use of locomotives and their fuel efficiency. As an example,

If you are ready to shop for best performance and best safety private aircraft, what characteristics will your aircraft feature? What type of propeller will you use ? These considerations will affect the aircraft aerodynamic propelling efficiency, flight control maneuvering configuration, flight safety, flight speed and performance;

Problem: In-flight entertainment (IFE) refers to the entertainment available to aircraft passengers during a flight which provides the joy of flying while letting the airline recover its cost and increase profits. Due to increasing fuel costs and energy saving,

The majority of personal vehicles in the US are utilized for commuting to and from work. The average commute time is 25.1 minutes each way with an average distance of 16 miles. Over 75% of workers commute in a single vehicle. Most of these vehicles sit outside,

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